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Crunk, Lyrical, Club Bangin, Ear rangin, and Unstoppable
YoungSmokesta is a well known, and lyrical artist. He's an unsigned rapper looking for a deal. While in the Process, he's trying to keep the radio stations on lock, and the clubs jumpin. I've never seen someone as lyrical as him, when it comes to Crunk Music, even Da Prince of Crunk couldn't touch him. If yall don't believe it, then check it out for yourself, by clicking on the music category to you right. Holla at ya boi.
Band/artist history
Born and raised in a Small town called Americus GA. Sumter County. Moved to the City of Augusta in the winter season of 1995. Started rapping after being influenced by cousin at the age of 12. Since then he has Grown to be a well known, and lyrical Artist. I've never seen someone as talented as him when it comes to music, especially for him to start at the age that he did. Life for smoke hasn't been too bumpy. Yes he's had his up's and downs, but of course everyone has those sometimes. Other than that he's lived a straight and narrow life. Never will he sit and speak alot on his history, but in order to get to know him, and learn more about him. You would have to purchase the cd. (Thoughts of a Thug Angel). His album basically tells his life story, comming up as a kid in Americus GA, and restarting his life in Augusta GA. So purchase the cd to listen to the story he has to tell.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live every now and then, when there's opportunities. I mainly do shows at clubs, and different venues.
Your musical influences
Well, I would have to say that Micheal Jackson, was a big influnece on me to start out. Then I became more interested in Master.P, Lil. Jon, Nelly, Jagged Edge, Kanye West and Puff Daddy.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio, Cake Walk, Triton Keyboard, Dell Computers, and etc.
Anything else?
Anybody that Drops in on this site won't be disappointed with what you see or hear. So check it out and if you would like to purchase a cd or have any comments, just drop us a letter at youngsmokesta2004@msn.com. Holla Back AUGUSTA'S FINEST SIGNING OWT- YOUNGSMOKESTA AKA MR. UNPREDICTABLE AKA CUNTRY BOI