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As a founding member of the now-school crew MASPYKE, TABLEEK penned underground favs like "Far East Politics", "54th Regiment", and "Played List". While still working with the PYKE, TABLEEK is now embarking on projects that have been in the making for some time now. The journey begins with KEYNOTE SPEAKER 002, and will continue with the AMERICAN TERRORIST LP, an EP with Bronx music empressario DJ Buddah Bless, and a project with Puerto Rican based crew Ciencia Fixion and DJ Nature. All that PLUS some new Pyke material, and we can keep TABLEEK busy for the rest of 2004 into 2005!! PROGRESSIVE HARDCORE UNDERGROUND HIPHOP AT ITS FINEST!!! TABLEEK:::science in the rap
Band/artist history
Releases: TABLEEK: Keynote Speaker 002 CD (16 tracks) Purpose Built 12inch Digga featuring Tableek (white label) Maspyke (Full Discography): Throwback Sound Providers (ABB Records) Throwback (remix) Sound Providers (ABB Records) Step w/ Bells of Winchester Square (12inch) (Bukarance Recordings) Blackout LP(Bukarance Recordings/ Jazzy Sport) Spirit of 92/ All Things Fall b/w Get Lifted/ Umpire- REMIX Feat.4EVER (Bukarance Recordings) The Gong Show b/w Far East Politics/ Definition of a Snake (Bukarance Recordings/Seven Heads Records) 54th Regiment b/w BJ homskills Family Stand (Rawkus Records) Played List b/w Umpire / Afraid of the Light (Om Records) Truth and Position Superrappin Vol. 2 LP (Grooveattack) Mushroom Jazz 4 (Om Records) LRG CD Compilation Volume 3 Absence Without Leave A.W.O.L Magazine CD (Produced by K. West and Maspyke) 54th Regiment Styles Upon Styles Compilation (UK) Underground Airplay Mixed CD released by Lyricist Lounge and Ecko Unlimited Get Lifted LRG CD Compilation Volume 4
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"I play where and when it is possible. If any promoters are reading this, hit my peoplez up at pykeworks@hotmail.com for booking. Each moment is unique."
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
"Brain Power!!"
Anything else?
Lyrics: From Purpose Built Digga featuring TABLEEK "I sit back and asked myself how come the whole world flipped I thought I really had a handle but I guess I wasnt handling it Cant quit so fu#k it Im on sabbatical Too radical Study my movements so you can improve kicks Learn to flip your own hits A mathematical dilemma The process I overdrive to conduct the end of your center I be orchestrating ma-nip-u-lating in between lines Flipping this pad without metaphors or punch lines Straight to the gut upper cut bust your lip up Im taking my time back Digga just rewind that To cats that stay thorough From the Bronx to Scarborough From Newports to Marlboros Never I be redundant Mutherfu#kers in the states be acting all fly And we ALL know they wasnt Throwing wack shows having silly beats [Thats no class] No respect for the past Built this shit to last So that Im fast on the draw Free-flow to hardcore Ask me why do I do this?"