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Sentimental Shark
Sentimental Shark
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drunken lo-fi psych/folk from detroit.
Sentimental Shark is the current songwriting/musical expression of Ryan Hertz. Ryan currently lives in Michigan where he writes poetry and music, drinks heavily, sits zazen, grows food, and works for the American Music Research Foundation as an ethnomusicologist. He is currently researching and writing a book on Sippie Wallace and the Thomas family.
Band/artist history
I was born in Detroit in 1980, played in a variety of bands from when I was around 15 through most of college. Lived in Bloomington, IN for quite awhile, I love it there, strange town. That's where we made the Three Headed Dog happen. Now I'm back in the Detroit area. I've traveled a lot, I enjoy that.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, alone. I tend to enjoy music that isn't very compatible with mine in a live situation and have ended up on bills that don't always make a lot of sense, but I'm working on that. Perhaps I'll put together a band to back me up when I end up on those awkward bills to balance things out, that's something I've been thinking about a bit lately. There have been a lot of special moments, but they're gone now. Creating and participating in the Three Headed Dog with Andrew, Chris, Jeff and everybody has been by far the most satisfying live performance event I have been affiliated with and likely the most creative and unique. You can contact me directly for booking info through my website: http://www.sentimentalshark.com/
Your musical influences
There are so many, I don't really know what effect they all have on what I do. I think a large amount of what I do is influenced by just living, poetry, and my friends and family. I have been listening to quite a lot of Neil Young lately (I'm in love with 'On the Beach'). Devendra Banhart has significantly changed my idea of what is possible with songwriting and helped me to stop worrying so much and just write songs. I'm just trying to become more real and honest in my expression.
What equipment do you use?
Sometimes a Martin, sometimes a Harmony Singing Cowboys guitar, whatever acoustic guitar is around usually, a melodica here and there, but I don't limit myself to that.
Anything else?
check out my website to sign up for my e-mail newsletter and all that: http://www.sentimentalshark.com/ i'm actively seeking collaborators, specifically a creative producer to work with me on recording my songs in unique ways and/or musicians to contribute to the arrangements of my music both live and on recordings. contact me if my music moves you and you are interested in working with me in any capacity.
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