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Audra & the Antidote
Audra & the Antidote
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The Neo-New Wave of the future!
Self-described as "Neo-New Wave" or "Pop Deco", Audra & the Antidote have been called everything from a cross between early Blondie and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to "50's pin-up girls singing lounge music from outerspace". Whatever the case may be, it stands that Audra & the Antidote are out to find the perfect blend of good music and an entertaining show.
Band/artist history
1999 was a milestone year for the band. Working with producer Steve Lamm, the group recorded what is proving to be their break-through song, Jenny's Got a Boyfriend. "When I wrote [Jenny] I thought it just sounded like a hit," Audra says. "I didn't get such an enthusiastic response at band practice when playing it for everyone though. Lance loved it, but Kim and Edwin hated it. I rewrote it, reintroduced it, and recorded it. Kim and Edwin came around once we started getting so much attention because of that song." By mid-1999, the potential of the Internet as a means of promotion was becoming apparent. In September, Jenny was uploaded to MP3.com, where it became a Featured Song and rose to #2 on the New Wave chart, exposing the band's music to an audience outside the Nashvegas area. Shortly thereafter, Shut Eye Records happened upon the band's website and persuaded Audra to include Jenny on their compilation album American Deisel Machine, scheduled for release in March 2000. In January 2000, Audra uploaded Jenny to Farmclub.com where it was placed in the Alternative Listening Room for download. A week later, Farmclub contacted Audra to discuss the possibility of videotaping a live performance. They settled on a date, and on February 11th Farmclub flew in to film Audra & the Antidote perform at Nextfest 2000 which was followed up by a interview at the Benson's. Impressed with what they saw, Farmclub contacted Audra a few weeks later with a fantastic offerthe band would be flown out to L.A. to be filmed live for Farmclub's show on USA Network. The offer was readily accepted, and on March 3, Audra & the Antidote took leave for a 3-day California vacation. The filming was a great success, and the band's segment aired on Monday, April 17. If you missed it or want to watch it again, you can watch it in RealMedia format at Farmclub's web site here. To get the story of the band's trip out to L.A. for the filming of the show, click here. At the moment, the band is also finishing up recording tracks for their independent release, Telephonics (a tribute to the red telephone Audra talks into on stage), due out in Spring 2000.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We usually play live around the Nashville, TN area. Playing live is our favorite thing to do. Our most special moment was performing live on the taping of Farmclub.com TV at Universal Studios.
Your musical influences
The Go-Go's, the Cure, the B-52's, the Beatles, Madonna, (early) R.E.M.