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Mike OHara
Mike OHara
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Solo artist.. diverse influences...eclectic mix...rock...alternative grooves...and guitar rock.
Edgy alternative rock music, packaged for the masses. The music covers a wide range of emotions and genres, created by me for me. Many of my independent works have become therapuetic in many ways. My music is the highway to my soul!
Band/artist history
In the early 90's I fronted a heavy metal(thrash) band called Reality. We were a really small outfit that played locally in eastern PA. I think we were looking more for a good time back then, than a record deal - so we didn't make much of a splash musically. I went to college to study music/video production, all they while playing acoustic music for several years. I put together a modest home studio using my PC, and I've been recording my material ever since. All the work you hear on this page is done by me. I have no sound booths, back-up band, etc. Just my guitars and my PC.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have in the past. I haven't played any of my recent solo stuff yet, but I'm hoping that changes real soon.
Your musical influences
I was raised in KISS when I was very young. I was always into big guitars and very 'live' sounding material. I spent most of my youth in the 80's, so big hair music was an influence as well. As I matured and began to play the guitar more, I favored more heavy music than anything. Pantera was a major influence, as was Metallica. Musically, I'm also partial to Joe Satriani, SRV, Vinnie Moore, Blackie Lawless, Queensryche, Pink Floyd, etc. I'm a sponge to a lot of stuff. If I hear it, I'll most likely keep it in the back of my mind.
What equipment do you use?
Zyon's Dream Guitars (www.zdguitars.com), Michael Kelly, Fender/Peavey/Ibanez guitars. Cakewalk Sonar 6 software. Adobe audition software. Behringer mics, and DIGITECH and POD guitar processors(exclusively). BFD Drums, and EZ Drummer
Anything else?
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