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Illist D
Illist D
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Devil Music!
Coming Soon.....3 Solo Albums From Illist D: Goblin Gonzo The Pumpkin LP Also coming soon: Major Play & Illist D - Cthulhu Sessions Vol. 1: Out the Mouth of Madness Smooth & Illist D - TBA SS - Prologue
Band/artist history
Started rapping in 1998 with a horrorcore group called the SyKotiK Underground... they split up, and I got together with lifelong friend JC and formed the supergrounp known as Seperate Soulz. We recorded over 50 tracks, but now most of them are lost. We did release an album - Homemade Static - named after the lo-fi, staticy sound heard throughout all the tracks (we recorded with a Microsoft (I think) mic.) Seperate Soulz eventaully disbanded and I stopped making music for a bit. Eventually, I got back in touch JC and started "managing" him - booking him shows and getting him on a few web radio shows. After a few months of being his "manager", I decided to start writing/rapping again - and SS reunited. This time around, we dropped the "Seperate Soulz" and became just SS. Lots of people ask us what it stands for - and we tell them something different everytime. Today, it's Silver Shamrock. SS founded 3rd Eye Ent. later changed to Wild Bunch Ent. which featured other rappers Buddha and Major Play (who unfortuanly never got to release anything with the "label"), as well as gangster rap group Neighborhood Pushers. While the Wild Bunch has since "disbanded", I have been seen with Diamond Fisted Records and Kreephouse Ent. My solo stuff will be coming out on the brand new Devil Anse Entertainment/Popp Productions label.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Have played shows in Cincinnati with JC, the rap group I'm in SS (w/ JC) & my band SS Lounge (a fusion of rap & other genres like country, jazz & rock).
Your musical influences
Sound nothing like these bands but they're my favorite: Ween, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, Black Sabbath, Talking Heads, Queens of the Stone Age, My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, Primus, Grateful Dead, Velvet Underground, Prince, etc. etc.
What equipment do you use?
Microphone, Headphones, Computer = the studio.
Anything else?
The Illist D Mixtape "He's Not Joking" out now!!!!! Join Wild Bunch Radio as they host Illist D's greatest hits. 20 or so tracks of goodness!!!!!!!! Just $8.
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