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C A Martin
C A Martin
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I'm a rock guitarist playing both electric and acoustic songs-some of which will be instrumental. I play covers with Mid Life Crisis, while also working on ori
OK, it's been awhile. Relocated to Washington State, and am playing with Mid Life Crisis for my covers fix, while working on originals with various other collaborators. New music coming soon! Well it was fun...parted ways with Stoned Soul, just heading in different directions. Back to my stuff, hopefully...! Renewed energy and effort going into my new band, Stoned Soul! We're debuting on June 18th, 2011, at Sidelines! Come check us out! Full Tilt is going away...but with a BANG! We're playing a final show at Bare Assets on July 26th! Bikers, babes, donations and proceeds going to a fantastic cause...more info soon! Void Cathedral's story and music are finally getting a home: www.voidcathedral.com That band remains a proud time for me, and I'm happy that the music, pics, and info will finally be available for the fans that have patiently requested it for so long! I just posted "Going on Fourteen", my musical tribute to my lovely wife and our time together...it's a song that may continue to grow over time. Full Tilt has been out and about, blasting through several nights of sweaty, smokey, and sticky gigs around 'Burque...more shows will be posted as our schedule straightens out, chaos is party of our daily unbalanced breakfast! I just have to say thanks to everyone for their interest in "Desert Musings"...it wasn't going to be on the CD, but you've been clear: it made the cut! Sometimes, the music just wants out, and wants out now. After years spent in Burque bands like Void Cathedral, Evenkeal, Brutal Roots, and Full Tilt (and working when possible with the MArtin/Carter project), I've been unable to deny a screaming desire to get my solo CD career rolling. I'm happier in bands, but I just have to get this done...I've been playing around New Mexico for most of my life, and these songs are years overdue. The CD has been dealt several delays...I'm still shooting for a 2006 release, but an early 2007 release date looks increasingly likely. Sorry, folks, only so many hours in the day.
Band/artist history
I started playing guitar in the early 80's without any real knowledge of what I was doing. I hooked up with a guitar teacher named Stan Hirsch, and the way forward was lit up before me. My early bands came and went until I co-formed "Void Cathedral" with friends/fellow musicians in the mid-90s. This band would last for over 5 years and only ended because of key members moving away. Following bands included "Brutal Roots", "Voodoo Groove" (not the Australian band), "Full Tilt" and "Evenkeal". My current cover band is "Mid Life Crisis", and I'm doing some music under "C. A. Martin". My style borrows from everything that I've heard in my life, leaning towards bluesy rock much of the time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm playing with Mid Life Crisis in Western Washington, and I play a ton of jams because I love hanging with my fellow musicians. I'm commonly at City Hall in Cumberland, Draft Choice in Auburn, Dave's of Milton, and The Lost Dutchman in Maple Valley. I actually prefer playing the small and medium towns, because the whole community might show up and the band is always treated well.
Your musical influences
Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Concrete Blonde, Queen, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell, STP, Pink Floyd, Guns'n'Roses, Soundgarden, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Metallica, Steve Vai, Gary Moore, and my teacher Stan Hirsch, among many others.
What equipment do you use?
My guitars are: 1981 Gibson Les Paul XR-1 1999 G&L Fullerton 1987 Gibson EDS-1275 Warmoth "Frankenstrat 1993 Guild Dreadnaught Gretsch 5122 Most of the guitars have Seymour Duncan Pickups, along with a few Gibson and Lace Sensors for variety. My amps include an Orange Rockerverb 100 with 2x12 cabinet and an Egnater Tweaker 112, plus a Rivera 4x12 when I need to throw serious volume around. Currently getting back to individual stompboxes, Boss and Budda for the most part. Also using a Boss GT-10 and an MXR Talk Box. I use Dean Markley strings, Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks, and AKG mics.
Anything else?
It's all about the music, and that's the right thing.
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