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My Styles Hot some new type of beats that are about to hit the streets. Holla at me!!
Beat Preview Feel In The Sky #009 on the M-Audio T
Band/artist history
Here is a little about myself I have been producing since 1998. Like millions of producers out there I'm just trying to get my music heard. Sold my first beat on mp3.com way back when. I think i even mailed them a tape along with a CD and mp3... Oh the 4 track days!! Anyways now things are a bit more modern with all the vsti's and auto mapping controllers there no reason why the product shouldn't be top notch. Like I mentioned I started making music in 98 producing beats and trying to rap throughout high school. I was apart of a group called DSK. The Dark Side Klick it was fun while it lasted. We made a bunch of good music or should I said we learned Good to make a lot of music... Still either way it describes this phase of my musical history. This was the starting of the learning phase for sure. Again not taking my self serious making music never left me. I purchased a midi controller and have always been making my own tunes for myself and for my friends to play while we played GameDay on Playstation 1. This was the course until 2005 came around and I met a girl and moved to London Ontario. A few valuable experiences later decided to release his first solo Ep "Then I was". This Ep was loosely based off personal experiences. Which lead me to meeting Nathan "TempoMental" Aitken. We worked and the Home Depot together XD. It was good times and we have been banging out tracks ever since. Now it's time for me to step up my production game and utilize the social media platform. I hope you like what I have to offer. For more information about me Reggie Be Retro Finley Please don't hesitate to send a email. And visit http://rfprd.wordpress.com to check out some of my instrumental productions.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Uh huh...
Your musical influences
The lack of people I like on the radio influences me more then the people that are on it today. One can pretty much name any song from about 88 to 98ish and those would more of likely be my main influences. When everybody sounded different.
What equipment do you use?
Novation UltraNova Synthesizer, Original Trigger Finger and the new Trigger Finger Pro with a Fast Track Pro audio interface to a TapCo Mix60
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