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Noise, Ambient(sometimes), Ebm
Want is diminished with possession. War. Distortion. Politics. Thought. Action & Reaction. Genuine Feeling and emotions.
Band/artist history
I've been messing around with the idea of starting my own electronic project since I was 16 (25 now) and always envisioned it as a dancey Ebm sound and would never had thought that it would take this direction. I dont think of what a song should be before I sit down, it just kinda comes out the way it does. Originally my friend of many years was supposed to be apart of this project, but it seemed that over the years he just couldn't find the time. After many frustrating attempts to get him in on it I went my own road and taught myself how to produce. Actually, I'm still in that process. There are always new things to learn.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In the future I plan on playing live shows, but its a matter of being ready. I'm not going to rush myself to play live shows when I KNOW that I'm not confident enough with my material to take that step.
Your musical influences
I think I can safely say that the music I produce isn't really influenced by what I listen too. The stuff I make is noisey, crashing, war driven sound. Some of it can be rather mellow while others can be very fast, beat driven songs, blasting distortion left right and center. Apop, And One, Melotron, Informatik, Ohgr, 242, Funker Vogt, E-Craft etc etc. I tend not to listen to noise at all. *shrugs*
What equipment do you use?
A magician never reveals how he does his tricks.
Anything else?
Feel free to contact me for any demo material. Stickers, shirts or even a disc that I can rip and make up for you if you'd like to play tracks in a club etc.
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