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New Hip-Hop artist delivering some smooth street lyrics with a dirty south flavor, banging beats with some straight drop. Checkout the Ghetto Star on My Block
Here I Come
Friend & Enemies
New Hip-Hop artist delivering some smooth street lyrics with a dirty south flavor, banging beats with some straight drop. Checkout the "Ghetto Star" on "My Block" so "Friends & Enemies" check this album.
Band/artist history
Shysty My name is Roderick Kines a*k*a Shysty. I was born is Dallas, Tx on October 11, 1978. Im an only child and this is my bio. One of the first and probably the very reason why I first started rapping was back in 93 or 94. My kinfolk Lutrell Thomas a*k*a Go Hard Black ya kno. He was a big influence on me and had taken the initiative to go ahead and start my music and to really find a new way of expressing myself... I come from a hood in Dallas, Tx called Pleasant Grove (P.G.) ya kno! I been living here for about 8 years now. Me, Black, and his family all stayed together once upon atime so his influence on me grew the more time we chill together. I was still searchin for my own identity ya kno, and one day me and this brother I use to rap with came to the studio on a weekend, we was young studio rats every chance we got we was at it. I guess he had heard that I had been messin up and he was like, u a lil bad muthafucka so we gone call u Shysty! So that was the birth of a beautiful blessin in my eyes. My name is contraversial when folks hear it they automatically assume I am a dirty kaniven ass brother or something, but my name symbolizes so much more.... S=soulful H=humble Y=youngster S=steady T=teachin Y=you It might be stupid to everybody else but its everything to me. I come from a record label called Go Hard Records. Myself, Mixxx, Black, Tech, G-Pat, C-Ray, Goodie ya kno, a good core of brothers with the will and drive to take over the rap world. I signed my first contract to the label and I waited so long I was just happy to be on it ya kno, loyal to my kinfolk and everything we stood for it was like forget any and everybody. This is deal wit it 447 ya hear me, the fact of not knowing the business and how people change on ya for the cheese is what got me. I stayed on contract for about 5 years doing nothing. All the material we had and didnt do anything with it, I watched what was taking place in front of me I thought I would never see. Your on messin ya over, people leavin, people breakin off doing that solo thang, brothers jealous of ya for nothing at all. All I wanted to do was rap. I was getting a real crash course in the game. But how could this be from my on family, my click, my kinfolk! So eventually everything went south, I left, my boy Mixxx left, we just stayed in touch and soon hooked back up. I really thank GOD for Mixxx, he gave me the ins and outs and in between fa real shit. This brother took the time to not only teach me but most importantly listen to me and I luv tha man fa that. Thats a tru brother to teach a man and not limit how much he show ya. I didnt have anything, he didnt have anything and we both left our situations behind and came up at the same time now thats thuggin. My album is called Finally Made It and I finally did what my heart and mind was on. Thats to get an opportunity to let the world know that there is some hot music coming out of Dallas with alot more heat than alot of brothers wish they could have, IYz is the label that we bringin to the world ya kno. We tellin ya this our story our life put behind a melody. Ghetto Star is the first single so stay tuned.... Itz Yourz Shysty DTC IYz P.O. Box 191428 Dallas, TX 75219 (214)886-2192
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, any and everywhere. Dallas is where it starts
Your musical influences
Tupac, scarface, dr. dre, underground rap
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