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The music of Delirium is extremely alternative and holds many style changes in each song. Their sound is a unique blend of musical genres that switches tastefu
Nothing To Hide
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What Are You Thinking
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Admit It
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Say What
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Begun To Rot
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The music of Delirium is extremely alternative and often holds a style change or two in each song. Their sound is a unique blend of musical genres that switches tastefully from grungy hard rock, to funky reggae grooves, to a catchy hook, and then all over again. Weather its performed acoustically or electrically, this music has a powerful vibe that gives it a hard edge and creates an energy that keeps each audience captivated.
Band/artist history
Delirium is often called an alternative rock band and that is probably the best description of their unique blend of music styles. A band that prides itself on their diversity, Delirium has definitely created a modern style and sound that is all their own. This style began to develop in singer / songwriter / guitarist Daniel Evans head in 2001 as he was looking for something new, so he created a very fresh sound that became known as Delirium. Its an innovative mix of the culture of music he grew up around. The band was founded in 2002 and spent a couple of years first playing small town venues close to home in the New Braunfels and Canyon Lake areas, then began to establish itself in the San Antonio / Austin area music scenes. Known from the beginning as a hard working band, Delirium's relentless promoting has provided them with a fan base that has never stopped growing. Huge guitar tones are a signature of Daniels recordings and performances. He uses multiple effect pedals to add texture to clean tone parts as well as his leads. Many of his solos include jazz, blues, and classical stylings that mix intricately in with the song melodies. Daniel's vocals are extremely powerful through his sustained screams or melodic verses and often show a tremendous range. It was in the spring of 2003 when Daniel met up with G Man who was sitting in on the drums for another local band. A mutual friend, Craig Clark (who would later become the bassist of Delirium) introduced the two and their collaboration was off and running in no time. His funky beats and impeccable timing were noticed immediately. It seems as though their two ideas and styles couldnt have meshed any better. From day one of their jamming it was apparent that G Man was the right one for laying down the beats of Deliriums songs. His hard hitting, yet tasteful style of drumming accents each of Daniels dynamics perfectly and provides a strong beat that complements Craigs low-end thump, weather it be the funkiest or the heaviest of their songs. Hard driving rhythms, huge guitar tones, and intense vocals are some commonly recognized elements in a live set of Delirium. Delirium was fortunate enough to record a 6 song LP at the amazing Pedernales Studios, which bands like Sublime and The Toadies have done studio work. Well known production man, Ralph Jezzard mixed and produced that demo LP. In the summer of 2004 Delirium's first single "Nothing To Hide" became a regular addition to local radio stations playlists. They also began to establish themselves in a larger region, maintaining regular gigs throughout Texas and Louisiana. During this time, the same song "Nothing To Hide" started recieving alot of attention from a&r reps in California and was soon accepted onto a KAM nationwide compilation CD. A few months later, it found itself recieving nationwide airplay. Delirium is currently working on spreading their sound waves through South Texas and surrounding areas with frequent live performances and the release of their self-titled EP. We love the energy between the crowd and the band that live music provides, says Daniel. Hard driving rhythms, huge guitar tones, and intense vocals are some commonly recognized elements in a live set of Delirium. Always successful in winning over many different types of crowds, it seems that their creative mixture of musical style changes makes Delirium's live set engaging to see.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yeah, anywhere in Texas or elsewhere.
Your musical influences
dave grohl, bradley nowell, maynard james keynan, kurt cobain, bob marley, tom morello, mike mushok, adam jones, aaron lewis, jimi hendrix, chris cornell, jerry cantrell, brad wilk, and last but not least jimmy page.
What equipment do you use?
Marshall Amps, Sure Mics, Pearl Drums, Hamer Guitars,Boss effect pedals, DOD effect pedals, Arion tuner pedals, Zildjan Cymbals, Gibraltar Hardware, Ernie Ball Strings, Vic Firth Drum Sticks, and Fender Basses.
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