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Side Show Freaks
Side Show Freaks
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Side Show Freaks are currently defunct, Killa Jesta has rose above the smoldering ashes of their death, along with his new record label American Z(H)ero records
The Side Show freaks are dead. Killa Jesta presses on as solo artist. His quote on the break-up is such...... "Me and Tree, we have gone a long way back. Though I started this group with him and the times we spent as friends and musical partners holds a special place in my mind, it will never be what it once was. For several reasons we have decided that we can no longer associate, musically or otherwise. I wish Tree all the best in his future endeavors but I sadly do not see myself as any part of that, Nor do I want to be any part of that. I started this group in the ninth grade, with my buddy's Big Phil and Tom out of our mutual love on the Insane Clown Posse, it went no where and years later I decided to re-vamp it with a new line-up. As the past now tells it was me and Tree. We busted our asses to get the very little ground we got, only for drugs, girls and various other issues to bring it apart the first time. Then in December 08 we decided to shoot for SSF one more time. But this time due to personal differences it crashed before it even took off. I have decided as founder of this group to take it back in a sense. If I choose to leave it dead it will stay dead, but if I choose to come back with another new line-up then that is also my choice. As of today though Insomnamaniac records and SSF are dead. Giving rise to American Z(H)ero records and Killa Jesta to start from ground zero again. I guess it is like this if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. In no way do I want this construed as a insult or diss to Tree, believe me when I say this though the chances of me and Tree ever doing music together again is about as good as me being the chosen messiah.To Tree, I will always remember the time you were in the group as a good one. As J said once " The future ain't scary cause we got the past!" Well That's it SSF is over and Killa Jesta goes on." There you go from the horses mouth. Peep "Lyrical Madness" coming soon!!!
Band/artist history
The Story Starts in the Year 2000 When the Killa Jesta decided to start a rap group Called the Side Show Freaks With his homies, Tim Harris and Big Phil But nothing ever came of it. From there Jesta tried Writing solo but nothing he wrote sounded good enough excepct for and EMINEM diss which ultimately got lost. So Jesta Decided to give up his Rap career and pursue other goals. After that he started a couple of Failed Metal bands.By the year 2002 he had formed a Pervert Rock band The Flogging Dolphins. They played a gig at a friends Halloween party and disbanded for a year. But also at this party is where he met TREE. that day Tree Blow his arm up with Fire crackers so they hit it off fast. They were both Juggalos and the Friendship grew from there.they didn't see much of each other till April. When Tree invited Jesta to smoke wit him and some friends. They smoked out on 4:20 togther and became Homies. Shorty after Tree was arrested for the first time and was sent to live in south Flordia for a while.Until Jimmy and Brent picked me up in the middle of the night and he never looked back. They Day Tree Ran away from home and came back to Conyers was also the day Jesta Left for Illinois to visit some family for the summer. Jesta stayed there for a almost 2 months. When he resturned. It was not a Warm Welcome Jesta and his homies got in a argument and they parted ways for a few weeks.Upon Jestas Return to the group he decided to start the SIDE SHOW FREAKS once again. He offered to the friends and it was gonna be Jesta , Tree and 2 other homies. But the other 2 kinda forgot about it. The new found Side Show Freaks Consisting of Jesta And Tree wrote a song that night. it was entitled " Here Come The Freaks." Tree wrote a song bout his Girl Friend at the time but the events the lead caused the Track to be Tossed. The First Gig was set at a Birthday party on Oct. 11th.But there was no time to set up and get the tracks down so the Flogging Dolphins made a second appearance. SSF wrote a song for the Party entitled" Happy B-day Form the side show freaks" but it was lost. There lives started the down hill roll that would ultimately leave the Freaks clinically insane. Jesta and Tree stayed at a friends house for a week before we were forced to leave. On the way home they were arrested for Stealin food form FOOD DEPOT. Tree Gave a failse name cuss of him being a runaway.a nd jesta fought off the workers till he was football tackled to the gorund. Tree was sent to YDC and Jesta Spent 6 hours in Jail. Upon Tree Realse from YDC he was Sent Back to his mothers house and was to be on COMPLETE house arreste, Drug Test, and the big fuck up, He was forced to have NO CONTACT WIT JESTA. the thursday before Tree was dumped by his Girlfriend and was kciked in the ass by depression. They both suffered from drug addiction and that didnt help the Depression and the Suicital attepms. It looked as if SSF would be no more once again. But Fuck taht SSF didnt care TRee was sent to live with his sister in MASISON. And didnt hear from JEsta For a while. Jesta Wrote a solo album called "the Darkside of Life" bout dealing with depression. but it was never done. But one day Tree called Jesta And said FUCK THIS ur speandinthe night tonight. After tellin Trees sited taht Jestas Name was JAMES he satyed the night, and anotherm and another, till he was living with Tree once again. They started up drugs again and started doing Pills and Robotussion everyday. the Depression was still there but they werer togtehr again. HTey wrote a song called "u though u could Keep us apart". After a week of living with Tree....well long story short. Trees sister fell for the Sexyness of the Jesta and Her Husband found out. HE left the 2 children were tooken away and tree ran awaya again but this time he ran from 3 Bails BOnds men, 3 Cops and 4 DEFACS workers. now back in the house it was TREE JEsta and tree's sister. the drugs contuined untill one day Tree's sister left and didnt come back. Tree and JEsta HAd a mental Breakdown. they DESTROYED the house with Spray paint, piss,fist, and knifes. Whenteh cops broke down the door the next day they found a strung out JEsta and Tree wit cuts on there writs and knifes in there hands. they pulled guns and took Tree to LAURELWOOD, a mental health facility. and JEsta was later tooken to Georgia Reginal, also a mental ehalth facility. Tree was digonised as a perionid Skitzo frantic and now lived wit a friend in Conyers. Jesta was digonised with RAGE, MANIC dperessent and aslo lives in conyers. The gorup recorded teh First song called "Hands All Bloody" which will be up for DL soon. expcect to hear more SHit form thea freaks in the futrue so beware HERE COME THE FREAKS.....
Your musical influences
Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, Blaze, Three Six Mafia, Esham, Zug Izland, HatchetHead, KMK, Tech N9ne, Hulk Hogan.
What equipment do you use?
Piratied software and a 20 dollar mic.
Anything else?
Much Love to everyone who has supported us for all this time. Much Love to everyone at and all tha fREAKAlos everywhere. and Side Show Freaks 4 Life
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