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access denied crew
access denied crew
5 Tracks
we started off just mcing and singin in school. soon we got bored of it just being a hobbie. we decided to take our love for music and further it by showing others what we had 2 offer.
Band/artist history
Two girls though different in many ways shared the same vision.The vision was to create a new genre of urban music,to inspire adolesence in acheiving their goals and to take the music world by storm.These two girls formerly known as Lady Suga n Spice(Shawty-D) and Lady All Tingz(Xtra) Nice combined their raw talents and created a fresh and new sound placing young females on the map of garage and rap............................... The trio formed.....Lady Blaze was introduced to create the "Up Tyght Crew"(the original two now called Lil Miz Xtra and Mc Trippa)which at this point was merely a collective that "spat" lyrics and created simplistic garage beats with the help from then known Dj Sassy(Big Mama). After a period of time Three became Five.Now introduced to the Crew are Sammy-D,Trinity and Destiny. At this point now called Access Denied Crew were suffuring with some major problems.changing names again the original two now called Lady Xtra and Shawty-D were left with a decision whether or not to continue "ADC"or quit.???? A decision was made to put the crew on hold but within a few month came back as the new and improved ACCESS DENIED CREW NOW FEATURING.......... LAYDEE XTRA SHAWTY-D SAMMY-D TRINITY BIG MAMA WITH COLLABORATIONZ...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we have performed at numerous showcases and at the lord mayor show parade
Your musical influences
we are influenced by so many genres and artists its unbelievable but it includes 2pac,eyrikah baduh,pink,jill scott,nas,mariah carey,whitney huston,etc........
What equipment do you use?
we use all types of programs 2 create our music but also enjoy the live bands as ull notice from our performances
Anything else?
we haven't even started to show what were made of but we'll be opening new doors in the music world!!!
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