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Strip Jack Naked
Strip Jack Naked
2 Top 100
4 Tracks
ska funk reggae rock punk manband
Tommy and Goliath
Peak position #91
Heads Up
Peak position #79
We're Wolves
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak in sub-genre #7
Introductions available at a competitive rate, behind the bike sheds of Sacred Heart High School, Crosby, weekdays 5-8pm
Band/artist history
A Chance Meeting Twas on a cold February afternoon, the year 1998 at a bus stop in Sunny Netherton. A chance meeting occurred between two lads from a former alliance; Jai Edward and Ste Burns. They talked of times gone by and of the glory days of old. Then, out of this tepid primordial slop of a conversation a spark emerged, distant and faint but nice and sparkley none-the-less. A plan was hatched, egg-like, to begin jamming and to write the songs the kids wanna hear. With the aid of a friend, Special K, a couple of songs and the raw beginnings of a style began to emerge. The Beast With Three Heads After about 6 months of widdlings and scribblings the realisation that they had to move on slowly dawned, like sunshine, upon their sad Mongolian faces; they began the quest for more band members. Nothing happened for what seemed like an age; then, out of the darkness and into the spot light sprang the mighty Jay Robertson. He was to become the 3rd ingredient in this evolving musical cake and the riffs changed and grew to incorporate the new kid from Crosbys own peculiar brand of rock. Fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It was not long before the three had lovingly nurtured a small herd of songs. Once again Frustration began to tip-toe into their fragile collective psyche as their songs could not be released into the public without the aid of a qualified skin-banger extraordinaire. A hot tip from a friend led to the promise of a drummer, rumoured to be half man half octopus. Eventually, after much anticipation, into the mix strode Northern Wildman Phil Earnshaw; behind the kit his sticks were a blur; and the boy could sing too! At last the cake was complete. More songs emerged and the band (under original name.When Monkeys Touch) began to gig in the North West. Then, following a late night game of cards the band decided to change their name to the much trumpeted Strip Jack Naked. The Return Of The Beast With Three Heads It was a sad day for the band when Phil, valued band member and friend, decided to hang up his sticks and pursue matters of a homebuilding and family nature. The engine of the band had gone and morale was low. The spark that had briefly burst into flame was relegated back to spark status again. Over the next three months life for the band was hard. Acoustic gigs kept the lads ticking over but the prevailing stench of the imminent collapse of the band stuck to their nostrils like a three day old cornflake to a bowl. Was Strip Jack Naked about to roll over and die? The Harder You Hit It - The Better It Sounds! Little did we know that during those past three months we were being stalked by Stamps resident jack of all trades; Joe Smerdon. In true sadomasochistic style he decided to make us sweat before making his presence known. A few jams and a little bongo fun later and Joe had implanted himself as the engine that could drive the Strip Jack Naked glory bus into the future. After a few gigs and a contract with Diesel Do Records the much anticipated demo finally began to happen and even a few whisperings of an album emerged. At long last, the time is right, that spark from years gone by is ready to burst into flame; so light that blue touch paper, stand well back and get ready for a blast; the rock bomb that is Strip Jack Naked is about to explode!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do lots. All over Liverpool and the North-West, we love it better than stripping old one-eye, and I personally have a special moment every song . .
Your musical influences
Living Colour, Fishbone, Police, Cure, Smiths, Beatles, Hendrix, Marley, Buckley, the Zep, Maiden, Tool
What equipment do you use?
Nipple clamps, handcuffs
Anything else?
Available for all occasions - weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, childrens birthdays . . .
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