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Florida Boy
Florida Boy
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Florida Boy is a music group made up of the Tal-Kin Trees recording artists C.U.Z. and Uncle Nard specializing in HIGH Energy music to dance or workout to. O
Florida Boy is a music group originating from Jacksonville, Florida (a.k.a. Duval) specializing but NOT limited to HIGH Energy, Dirty South, Street, College, Club, Bass & Radio music. The two artist making up this ENERGETIC DUO are C.U.Z known for his smooth platinum lyrics & Infinite known for his quick high energy water type flow. Soooo if your into getting CRUNK! dancing & having some good clean fun then you are destined to LUUUV this HOT! NEW! group currently being called the Batman & Robin of the music industry and some have said the "Run-DMC of the South" on the mission of WORLD-WIDE SUCCESS.
Band/artist history
This duo has been working together for over 8 years now and up until 2001 they persued solo careers but since joining forces they have proven to be a duo that will definitely leave their mark on the music industry. Florida Boy has tailored there music to get you CRUNK! and "Have Some Fun". Until recently the CRUNK! music style was only heard on the street but thanks to Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys along with the Ying Yang Twins it has begun to get NATIONAL recognition. NOT to say that they are the BEST at it but they are the most well known. UNTIL NOW! Step aside, break wide, man make room. HERE COMES FLORIDA BOY!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we perform live. We have traveled the east coast from Hagerstown,Maryland to Miami, Florida We love to perform and will come to your venue if the $price$ is right. Don't take it personal "It's only Business" For booking contact David: wefromduval@yahoo.com
Your musical influences
High Energy, Lyrical Acrobats influenced by the WORLD OF MUSIC. Jacksonville, Florida (a.k.a. Duval). Crunk, Club, Party, Bass & Fun
What equipment do you use?
ASR-10, PRO Tools
Anything else?
For booking contact David: DLR904@gmail.com Florida Boy is a member of The Independent Artist Network (I.A.N.) in Jacksonville, Florida. If you are an artist interested in joining please visit www.myspace.com/indieartistnetwork. Also visit FROMDUVAL.com "Where Jacksonville Connects Online"
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