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BillyD ( Ohio )
BillyD ( Ohio )
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I am a solo artist/vocalist/Writer/musician/Producer and engineer......I'm doing everything except the drums on the majority of these songs from a small reco
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Hi ! The name is Billy D. I am a songwriter from Youngstown Ohio. I Play all of the instruments except the drums which are digital.I also sing all of the vocals including the backgrounds. My Songs are eclectic in styles and usually have some traditional pop element to them.
Band/artist history
I have been involved in music all of my life...working clubs and being a sideman to some major acts......I have usually played in groups as a lead guitarist and background harmony vocalist.....Ive done some session work and concerts. I have played in many varied styles such as Blues, Country , Early British pop and Classic rock. I have lived in Corpus Christi Texas and Rochester New York. I have been really serious at songwriting alone for about 8 years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do occasionally play as a lead guitarist in the local Youngstown area....mainly in blues and classic rock bands.
Your musical influences
I have too many influences to name....But You may notice these influences in my songs at different times and different ways........ The Beatles ( and the solo projects )..Steely Dan...( in some of the beats )...George Gershwin..( just a little in some of the melodies )Jimi Hendrix,BB King,Delbert McClinton,Joe Walsh,T - Rex, Billy Gibbons and many more ( When I write Blues and Blues-Rock ) I am influeneced by writers and musicians that apply their artistry with honesty,craftsmanship, an obvious love for the art and being able to communicate spiritual feelings.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Korg D-1600 digital for recording ( recently acquired and Im still learning it )Most of my songs on this page are recorded on a Fostex 8vl digital and some are actually 4 track tape recordings.... A Yamaha pr Keyboard, for strings and things.....A 1997 Fender American Strat..A fender squire P and J Bass. A crate stereo chorus and a Roland JC 120 stereo chorus.....Tons of pedals mainly an old rat pedel for distortion....Digitech Whammy pedel for intervals and octaves....Digitech vocalist to help me hit those super high notes in the backgrounds. There are also many internal effects in the D 1600 I am starting to use.....For drums I use the Yamaha or the Roland 880 digital drums.
Anything else?
I try to use the " George Martin style of recording "... These works are recorded In hard stereo....I often use panning techniques and stereo chorusing imageing and soundscaping....For example the guitars or harmonies may be only on one side etc. I always encourage the 1st time listener to please hear my songs in STEREO play. The lo-fi play tends to muddy up the songs....Thanks for listening.....I really appreciate it.