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Raunchy guitar, big drums and booming bass, modern hard rock sound
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What T F Now?
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Punkin' Head
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Band/artist history
For 10 years, I wrote instrumentals. My fingers were the singers. You may or may not have noticed, many of the songs now have lyrics and singing. I met John Pilla through work. He was always telling me how he brought down the house doing Rebel Yell on karaoke night. Finally, one night he came over and recorded it. He started listening to some of my stuff and began writing lyrics. Wow! Things just seemed to click. UPDATE 3/22/09: After 2 years of hard work, John Pilla has decide to pursue other interests. It has been a pleasure to work with John. We agreed, disagreed, bled, sweated, put away a few thousand adult beverages and ended up with "Send No One". We are proud of the end result. Enter the new stage of RockOn (or whatever we'll be called). I have started working on the next phase of RockOn. Eric Hanson, formerly of Bastille v.1 (1982-1983), Bastille v.2 (1985-1988), QPF (2000-2007), and Bastille v.3 (2007-2008) has started to work with me. Eric and I were in the Twin Cities hard rock band Bastille v.2 in the mid-late 80's. A lot has happened in the 20 years since Bastille. It feels like so long ago but only yesterday. STAY TUNED! Update: 8/30/09 The new band has been put together. We're working on all original material. Most of us have been doing covers forever . . . . boring. Somebody has to write the songs !
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live currently. I would like to do it again. We had some great times. I remember one gig at a local establishment when a fist fight broke out, but the band kept playing on. I guess the best place to be at any event is on stage! It's less crowded and you have a height advantage.
Your musical influences
Eddie Van Halen Joe Satriani George Lynch (Dokken) Warren D'Martini (Ratt) Stevie Ray Vaughan
What equipment do you use?
Steinberg's Cubase VST on a MacBook. Marshall, and a Yamaha DT Express electronic drum set. Various Marshall amps. An original Kramer Baretta, a Wolfgang and a couple of basses.
Anything else?
What a great time for musicians to be alive!