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Kirk Lorange
North Tamborine, Australia
March 22, 2004
486,538 plays
I'm Canadian, moved to Australia in 1975 after living in London for a few years. Settled in Sydney and lived there for 23 years. I played in many lineups: Richard Clapton, Marc Hunter, Glenn Shorrock, Sleeping Dogs, Chasin the Train, The Six Amigos. I specialize in slide guitar and acoustic finger style, and I played on scores of Aussie albums, dozens of sound tracks and hundreds of commercials over that time. For more info . I'm also the author of which has been selling on the Internet since 1997. It puts into pictures and words the shorthand way I've developed over my 47 years of playing guitar of 'seeing' the fretboard and thinking about music. It describes a very simple way of putting those scales and modes where they belong -- on the back-burner -- and making melody the 'other' more powerful way. Endorsed by the great Tommy Emmanuel, it has revealed to thousands of twangers the simple mindset that turns the whole fretboard into friendly, familiar, well worn territory no matter what the music is doing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, often. I have played all over Australia in many line-ups. I recently got up with ex-Eagle Don Felder in Calgary, Canada, and played some slide in his band () and years ago had the pleasure of jamming with ex-Beatle Ringo Starr (). These days I play in and around Brisbane, Australia.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Strat (2), Gibson J-50 acoustic, Michael Palm acoustic, Gibson nylon, Peerless 335, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Hot Rod amp.
Anything else?
I'm the creator of , a totally free plain English teaching site with over 95,000 members (as of November 08) , and I'm the author of and .
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Wow, what bawdy tone! Awesome.
Beautiful blues guitar work!
Great feel and tone....love it...:-)
Super cool pickin' and slidin' :)