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I am a solist in the latin pop/R&b ballod and salsa merengue genre. I like to mix the flavor of the music to accommodate everyone on the floor or listening to
Hola!!! My name ia Angelo. I am a solo producer, writer,and singer of many styles of music. I have performed on the same stage on the same night with artists such as George Lamond: the freestyle now latin salsa superstar here in the 610 area code. Aswell as with Edgar Joel y su Orquesta in Lancaster pa. for VRM productions. In the 610 area I along with brother Danny are the choice for live sound. we are known as Escopeta Sound y Dj! So you see, my family background is...music!!!
Band/artist history
I started singing as soloist after i graduated from high school. a few years later I invested in my own home studio and put together a harmonious latin salsa,merengue mix crew! we produced wrote sang and performed everthing, from an original set up. We did not do cover songs since, we figured on getting known for our own original content and not someone who is already known and labeled. Now as a solist am more flexible to move and perform more freely and distantly were my latin music is yearned for!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My best performance was the night I got to perform the intermision for George Lamond at the club mellenium in Reading Pa. !!! I even met DLG Huey- Dunbars lil brother Omar who is a very inteligent and noble individual, and his vocal...wow the guy is something special! Singing on the same stage with George Lamond...words cant express enough. When he hit that awwsome note"Si te vas te vas"... I was amazed and thrilled cause when you sing with the best you surely learn quick that you gotta push harder to impress and prove to these guys that you are out there to make it big like George lamond and the dunbars.
Your musical influences
The roots of my musical influences come from my father!!! Dad sang love songs so powerfully voiced yet...so emotionally expressed and when dad sang...people in the neiborhood would all gather to here him sing so Beautifully and on key! My love for singing and music composition come from my dad Aguedo Millan. Though in todays music I have alot of favorites such as Madonna-the material girl! her plate wasn't handed to her. She worked for every cent she owns. Read her book and I promise you'll learn more than just sex and gossip. My favorite Latin singers are: Marc Anthony,... George Lamond, Huey Dunbar and Victor Manuelle. In the R&B I like Mariah carey, b2k,Boyz2men,3lw etc. Ps. I love oldies, soft rock and even country music ballods!!!
What equipment do you use?
I love Roland Products. I still use the xp-80-key- board w-station, and the 840 digital recording station!!!
Anything else?
I am not only interested in becomeing and artist of the stage. I love to write and produce. I hope that someday I'll be given the chance to write and produce for the stars who entertain us now and in the future. I have always been a noble non-selfish individual. I love to help others succeed!