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A mix between a car crash and being trampled by a herd large animals. If you don't like your music to trample and crush, then this is not the band for you.
Soul crushing Old School Thrash, with a mix of Hardcore and elements of Death Metal!
Band/artist history
Internal Hate formed in Casper, Wyoming in March of 2001. Their style can best be described as Fierce American Thrash Metal. Their sound is hard-hitting and their live shows are brutal. Founding members David Dean (Drums) and Kelsey D'Arcy (Bass) started the band so they would have a creative musical outlet. Later that year they befriended Jack Canfield (Guitar) and Bobby Larson (Vocals) who shared the same goals of creating heavy old school metal with influences of new extreme metal. After fine tuning their original music, Internal Hate began unleashing their sound upon the Casper music scene. They developed a strong following fast and began headlining local shows and local festivals. They self recorded a 9 song self titled CD of original music and released it in March of 2004. The release of the CD saw a huge response. They were featured on a local metal radio show called The Heavy Set on 106.9 and began selling their CD all over the world via the Internet. Their debut CD is available for purchase on almost every Mp3 website including itunes, CDbaby, Rhapsody, Walmart, and Musicnet. In December of 2004 Blake Kight became the bands new Vocalist and they started playing a lot of high profile shows. They opened up for The Enigma, George Lynch of Dokken, Metal Church, and The Misfits. Their following increased and their website started to experience high volumes of hits. Underground Metal websites started linking Internal Hate's website and they started being featured on other metal radio shows throughout America and on Internet radio stations. In December 2005, Internal Hate performed at a benefit show for a local record store and there they debuted their brand new Lead Guitarist Jake Nuemiller to a capacity crowd. In the spring of 2006 Internal Hate was a top selling CD for Hastings in Gillette, WY and they were featured on Gillette's 96.9 The Edge's Metal radio show. Internal Hate was then asked by Z94 FM in Sheridan, WY to play a show in Sheridan. This show was sponsored by the radio station and was a huge sold out success. Internal Hate have always performed music that they enjoy to hear themselves, and they continue to write and perform music with this philosophy in mind. They are currently working on new material for their second CD and plan on recording in the summer of 2007 with Grindcore legends Cephalic Carnage. Expect their new material to be more aggressive and exciting. You can always contact the band via their website www.internalhate.com or their myspace page www.myspace.com/internalhate.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love playing live. We play live all the time. We have opened up for The Misfits, Metal Church, George Lynch, Hemlock, I.R.A.T.E., The Enigma, and many regional bands.
Your musical influences
David- Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Slayer, Acid Bath, Grip INC., Sepultura, Rush, and Voivod. Jack- Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Slayer, Kiss, Barzum, Venom, Deicide, Dark Angel, Exodus, Cure, Bahaus, and Dark Throne. Kelsey- Slayer, Pantera, Arch Enemy, Sublime, and Master P. Blake-Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Coal Chamber, Acid Bath, Sepultura, Devil Driver, Pantera, and GWAR.
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