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clayton saunders
Singer/songwriter/musician who loves writing story songs with a message. Songs that have substance, a message, great melody's and that are hopefully memorable
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Life Hurts Without Her Clayton Sau
This is a timeless Country song that will touch the hearts of country music lovers everywhere. A husband reflects on the all too soon loss of his beloved wife. He holds onto the precious memories but life without her is a cost too heavy to bear.
The Marriage Box Clayton Saunders Composer (100%)
I was inspired to write this song in the hope of giving people a personal insight to what could be powerful ingredients towards creating and sustaining a happy married life. Hopefully it will inspire to create the same for yourself.
Mama Thank You - Clayton Saunders Composer (100%)
A special tribute to all the wonderful mother’s the world over. Those that are still with us and those who have sadly left us. In appreciation for the unconditional love, care and sacrifice they demonstrate every single day.
For The Rest of My Life - Clayton Saunders Compose
I wrote this ballad for my partner to tell her through the power of words and music just how much she means to me. She's my twin flame and I relish the opportunity to show her everyday in every way I can, just how blessed I am to have her in my life.
The Magic of Her Smile - Clayton Saunders Composer
This song is about a special moment in time. A sees this girl at Australia’s world-famous Port Douglas Four Mile Beach and is captivated by her smile. Even though she’s on her honeymoon, he can’t seem to get her beautiful smile out of his head.
Life Hurts Without Her
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