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Ken Richardson
Ken Richardson
10 Tracks
Progressive rock band, with elements of the old school progressive rock bands, with added textures from jazz, celtic, afro-pop, reggae, and other world music.
Ten of Swords (Last Crusade)
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Dance of the Fire Horse
Ex Oblivion
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Tangled Web
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Living Behind the Eight-Ball
I am a guitarist seeking other creative musicians to form a progressive rock band or join an existing one. I am open to paying some covers - especially at the beginning to develop a synergy in playing with each other - but I want to eventually focus more on developing original material. Age/gender/race unimportant, as long as we all have the same vision. I am 41 years old with two kids, so I am not looking to travel the entire country living out of a van. My goal is to have fun with a group of talented and creative musicians, play live locally (with a few choice regional gigs), and record our own original music. I am willing to travel to practice anywhere within the DC/MD/VA area (within 2 hours of DC) for the right group of people. My musical style is mostly old school progressive rock, but there are also elements of jazz, reggae, afro-pop, Balkan and Celtic music. My influences include: Yes; Rush; Genesis; Marillion; Steve Hackett; It Bites; Pink Floyd; Porcupine Tree; Kate Bush; Happy Rhodes; Peter Gabriel; King Crimson; UK; the Police; Sting; Asia; Bill Nelson; Johnny Clegg and Savuka; GTR; Alan Holdsworth; Kazumi Watanabe; Pendragon; Eric Johnson; Joe Satriani; IQ; Ephemeral Sun; Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Jean-Luc Ponty; the Who; Pete Townshend; Mission UK; Queen; Dire Straits; Steely Dan; Simple Minds; Rainbow; Alan Parsons Project; Loreena McKennitt; Andy Irvine; Clannad; Maire Brennan; Enya; Moody Blues; Beatles; Electric Light Orchestra; Propaganda; All About Eve; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Shadowfax; and many others. In addition to electric and acoustic guitars, I also play bouzouki, guitar-synthesizer, bass, mandolin, and a little bit of keyboards. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please let me know. Please note that the MP3 files presented here are low quality rough demos. They were recorded with very little time as part of a college recording studio class, and as such they contain a few blunders would have been fixed if time allowed. These songs are only a small sampling of my writng and playing style, and are only intended to give prospective band members of what to expect. My full capability on guitar is not really represented here either. But, enough excuses...
Band/artist history
History is in the making.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live in Charlotte, NC years ago when I lived there, and would love to do so again. The best show we did was an outdoor concert in the parking lot of a local shopping center. The most worrisome was being on stage 30 minutes late at another venue, wondering if the bass player was ever going to show up.
Your musical influences
Yes, Rush, Genesis, Marillion, Steve Hackett, Pink Floyd, It Bites, Kate Bush, Happy Rhodes, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, UK, the Police, Asia, Bill Nelson, Mission UK, Oingo Boingo, Johnny Clegg and Savuka, Loreena McKennitt, Jean-Luc Ponty, Alan Holdsworth, Kazumi Watanabe, Andy Irvine, and many others.
What equipment do you use?
My current arsenal includes: an Ibanez RG 550 electric, Ibanez IMG 2010 guitar synth controller w/ Roland GR-300 synth, Ovation 1537 Adamas Elite acoustic guitar, 12-string Alvarez, Trinity College bouzouki, Alhambra Morales laud, Line 6 PODxt, Digitech IPS33B harmonizer, EBow, Bose Personal Amplification System with bass module, Korg Poly-800 synth, Korg DSS-1 synth/sampler, Moog Rogue synth, Curbow 5-string fretless bass, no name Chinese zheng, and anything else I can get my hands on. Much of this equipment is different from what is on these older recordings though.
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