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Old school rap chopped and screwed rap and new school rap
perdon de todo
My name is Thugg Matt and I'm tryna to bring gangsta rap back because I feel like a good influence for my fans but Idk were in going next wit my music so my eyes will go on a journey to the music industry in currently in school so I'm not in the studio alot
Band/artist history
Thugg Matt is me I'm a rap artist listening to snoop dogg and started listening to eminem on the school bus Dr Dre ice cube warren g they were my greatest influences all my time I was focused on behaviour issues while I was in foster care and needed help I got my first deal with David's harp foundation in 2017 and I was in a group home at the time so I could not go to the studio much but I loved it made my first hit perdon de todo
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I performed my song perdon de todo I was impressed wit the fact I performed it was my voice telling me to do it so I did got use to the environment of a big audience
Your musical influences
Nwa eminem tupac Dr Dre eazy e ice cube snoop dogg pitbul Gucci mane drake lil Wayne Kendrick 50 cent soulja boy and all kinds of rappers you could think of
What equipment do you use?
I go to a recording studio I don't have my own studio