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KARASIQUE - Dead City (Single version)
Today #29 in Doom Metal subgenre
KARASIQUE - Silvera (Gojira cover)
Today #25 in Cover Songs subgenre
KARASIQUE - Face Fisted (Dethklok cover)
Today #58 in Death/Black Metal subgenre
KARASIQUE - Dead City (Live Session Doom Black Met
KARASIQUE is a Russian heavy metal band from Volgograd, formed in 2017. The bands current lineup consists of lead vocalist Ivan Evseev and guitarist Ilya Shorokhov who plays both rhythm and lead guitar parts and bass. KARASIQUE is known for its different sound of many type of genres in the songs. From black metal to heavy blues. The bands debut single Winter was self-released in 2018 and has a black metal sound. The second self-released single Just a shadow has more rock ballad sound, heavy lyrics and instrument parts. In the early beginning band made a cover-song for Monster (Jean-Pierre Taieb song) which has an extreme vocals and heavy metal instruments. Now KARASIQUE is making an EP which will contain at least 3 new songs that has never been released.
Band/artist history
The band was formed by Ivan Evseev and Ilya Shorokhov in 2017 in Volgograd, Russia and was planned as cover-band project that has grown up to a complete band with their own songs. Both members are working in musical school for children where they had met each other. Ivan makes lyrics and all the mixing stuff and Ilya writes guitar parts and drums. Both members were playing in a local metal bands when they were teenagers. Ivan was a vocalist in the bands called Near Death Experience and others, Ilya was a lead guitarist in The Body Inside Out.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The members of the band performed a lot in front of an audience, but in their past bands. KARASIQUE has never played in front of an audience yet.
Your musical influences
Members of KARASIQUE cite Pantera, Canibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Behemoth, Avenged Sevenfold, Buckethead, Dream Theatre, Down, Animals as Leaders, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society as influences.
What equipment do you use?
We use Schecter, Carvin and B.C. Rich guitars. Shure mics (SM7B and SM57). Avid and Focusrite audio interfaces. Boss and MXR guitar stomps and amps. DBX and JBL studio equipment. Ernie Ball strings and Dunlop picks.
Anything else?
We are making music that we like, without any rules of metal or something. We understand that nowadays there are a lot of metal band which do pretty similar content, so we dont want to mark us as only black or death metal and write song only in a certain genre. For us its like deliver all the feelings and emotion into our songs. So the fans can feel what we feel and can understand us and our music. Were using some concepts and bring them into the songs and cover arts, so it still feels like art, not just another pop song with a catchy 3 notes chorus and nothing else.
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