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T Da Poet
T Da Poet
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I am an artist and i'm always being inspired by things that seem like there's no inspiration in. I want to entertain. my music touches on a variety of topics an
IM so Fly
I got some beats and a vision and a voice...
Band/artist history
I used to be Apart of the group called Rhyme scheme. but life happened and we all separated. my two friends that i was in the group with are doing well, and i think one of them still sings and he moved to texas the other one is in a happy relationship and focused on his girl and work. I think i am the only one out of all of us that is trying to take it to the next level again.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have in the past. I've performed in talent shows at my old high school, Cajon high. It was my friend Larry and i. we composed a few songs in my homeboy's home studio. the euipment was so low-budget it wasn't even funny, but we managed to produce a great song. i've also performed at a camp site for teenagers that were out camping as a group and i passed out poems, i remember them asking for them. I brought them with me but didn't think people would request them. I also performed in a talent contest, unfortunately i lost, but it was growth
Your musical influences
tupac, drake, immortal technique, and life itself. all the experiences i go through and the experiences of others i document in my music. situations and outcomes of the flow of life all become a story in my music.
What equipment do you use?
audacity dynamic mic interface pop filter head phones
Anything else?
it's not just a journey, it's also take and give and having fun with what you love to do. Shout out to IMB, cam gnarly, and young snage just to name a few artist in my area doing it big. yall motivation too
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