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Drake Oranwood
Drake Oranwood (Eric Schrager, he/him) is a singer, songwriter, and producer who brings modern sensibilities to original songs set long ago and far away
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The Name of the King
Many songs are sung in praise of kings who triumph on the field of battle and bring glory to their kingdoms. This MIGHT have been such a song...
The Bastards Tale
A tale of vengeance, from the point of view of one of Shakespeare's favorite stock villains... He goes all-in.
The Last Plantagenet
An elegy for Richard III, last of the Plantagenet line of kings, whose history was written by the winning side.
Tam Lin of the Elves (feat. Heather Dale)
An original retelling of the beloved ballad "Tam Lin", brought to life with the help of the incomparable Heather Dale.
Lady of the Rose
In the Society for Creative Anachronism, a Queen who has reigned well is inducted into the Order of the Ladies of the Rose. Imagine for a moment that you had the chance to be one such Lady. What would that be like, do you suppose?...
12 songs
My Thirst (Winter Nights 2012)
Drake Oranwood (Eric Schrager, he/him) is a singer, songwriter, producer, lutenist, and medieval enthusiast who brings modern sensibilities to original songs set long ago and far away. In the Society for Creative Anachronism, Drake is part of the bardic community, where original and period performances are shared at fire circles and waysides for weary travelers. (The general SCA term for an individual vocal performer is a bard). Drakes persona is an English composer and musician living in the sixteenth century. Drake is currently serving as Queens Bard for the East Kingdom.
Band/artist history
Drake is currently at work on his second solo album, "Hold the Door Open", for a planned 2021 release. Drake co-produced and was featured on 2017s Sing for the East, a collection album of artists from the SCAs East Kingdom. His first solo album, Hidden Gold, was released in 2015.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In the SCA, most of what we do is live performance. I've become a concert performer, as well as a competitive bardic champion. Sharing the stage with Heather Dale at the Pennsic War was an incredible experience, first when she invited me to be a featured guest at her concert, and again a couple years later when she performed "Tam Lin of the Elves" with me at mine. Having artists such as Ken and Lisa Theriot and Efenwealt Wystle onstage with me for my concerts has also been incredible.
Your musical influences
Heather Dale, Ken and Lisa Theriot, S.J. Tucker, Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish.
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