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Esperanto is a groovy, original "Alternative Blues/Rock" band from Westfield Mass.
Esperanto - The Way It Goes - Cabot St. 11/21/14
Esperanto is an original, groovy "alternative blues/rock" band from Westfield Mass. We play our music because we love it so much and just can't stop! Esperanto Musicians: Neal Liptak - Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar Joel Lee - Vocals, Bass - More Guitar! Paul Reopel - Drums
Band/artist history
In the middle of July 2014 four dudes got together in a hot New England basement, and played music. A month later they recorded a few tunes in the studio and got one on the radio! Still working on getting the full studio album recorded those dudes keep writing more songs and play as many gigs as possible!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love to play live, as much as possible! That is the whole point of being in a band, isn't it? I can't think of a more fun thing to do! Check out or for show dates! We even run an open mic/jam just so we have an excuse to play out during the week. Wednesdays 8-midnight @ Shenanigan's Pub, 154 Elm St. Westfield Mass. If you're in the area come down and jam with us!
Your musical influences
Way to much to list but generally 60's-90's Rock music, a lot of old blues, and we dig some newer bands too.
What equipment do you use?
The regular stuff, you know, guitars and drums and a bunch of boxes to make them all louder! I ( I play my 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom w/ hot, non-waxed, Alnico II, PAF style pickups through my '84 Marshall JCM800 single channel 50Watt head with an open-back 2x12" cab w/ Scumback Speakers, models M75-100 and M75-PVC-65. Right now I'm using the prototype of my own overdrive pedal,my heavily modded Vox wah, and a Korg PitchBlack tuner. Sometimes I switch to my $100 bolt-on, no-name, heavily modified Les Paul copy. You check out all this stuff and the rest of ...I know, I have a problem. Neal plays an Epiphone Sheraton through a modded Fender Blues Jr. with a Fulltone OCD pedal and BOSS tuner. The blues Jr. rests face down on top of a Marshall 4x12" cabinet with 2x vintage low wattage alnico Heppner speakers from my old Hammond organ. The other two speaker holes are left open for a fat broad tone that spreads around the room! Neal also uses a nice USA Texas Special Strat in open D tuning for a tune, and up until recently played a custom re-built Super Reverb amp. Joel plays a 5-String Ibanes SoundGear Bass w/ Bartolini pickups and active EQ direct to the PA. Paul plays either the red SP drums or the black Pearl drums, with Zildjin cymbals. Also, he hits them with sticks, that's all I know. -Bill
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