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Soulnix is just a name that stands for my soul and one person that is important to me that helped me to see the passions of my soul, my mentor.
Soulnix - Crossing broders (LIVE)
Band/artist history
been writing lyrics since like second grade, or more like poems.. my first one that i could call a work or finished that satisfied myself was about dogs compared with men and cats to women... i made it look like there were no difference, dunno... never been into that gangster shit.. eventhough i went through shit, lived in some trash town with trash people doing fucked up shit meeting fucked up friends... writing was making the oposite of it all.. my escape.. if i saw blood that day i would write about snow and a snowman. I might sound soft but i do get my anger moments and then my lines can barely catch up to my inner psycho fantasy. I stacked all this stuff but then one day 2 years ago i started writing it more musicaly.. and i loved it because your tone of voice describes the feeling of words and beat describes the colour of tone in your voice.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i allways run around doing shows at home and shit... but nah, not noticed eneugh to get the chance to play outside the house or school or whatever, but i love the fresh voice in now time, live and fresh is the best i guess.
Your musical influences
pretty much everyone i ever hurd, from eazy e, ice t, dmx, rock dmc, tupac to eminem, 50 cent, and then even to katy perry, sia, rihanna not forgetting Queen, roxette and all the classics.. i am a fan of all genres, but the main one is hip hope, more space for the words i guess.
What equipment do you use?
my little baby audio techinca 2020 usb plus boy, and for beats? as i told you before i got nobody so i just contact some nice creative guys that are just putting their work out for people.. you know, supporting the culture.
Anything else?
you probably don't know me right now.. but let's hope that soon you will!! just be you, and i'll be me.. i'm a dreamer.. but i would love to achieve my dreams and i allways mark something i want to achieve as goals and goals i never let go so i am not going home untill i get where i belong! take care.
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