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Baca - Industrial Junknu
Baca - Industrial Junknu
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Neutral to Negative vibes. Landscapes of ferocious percussion, howling soundscapes, and old rusted tools. A reflection of a dry old rusted world.
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Any trace of melody is usually indistinguishable, coated with static and soundscapes. Any form of rhythm is braced by percussion that is only dependent on clangs, bangs & chimes. I create "music", by sound, rather than pitch. Any form of bass is usually in the form of a sine wave. I often use various ambient sounds to create an unsettling or even scary soundscape in my "music". My industrial music includes noise effects and heavy machinery. Sometimes the sounds I use are usually not easily recognizable. It could be very difficult to know if you're hearing an instrument, a machine, or a electronic sound. I sometimes even like to create a landscape of mysterious scary sounds, that creates a sense that you're in a hostile alien landscape.
Band/artist history
I have always wanted to create dark ambient industrial music, so after several years of experimenting, I have found one way to do it. It's unconventional and difficult and only works with Windows XP, but heck, it works.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I don't play live. In fact, I don't play instruments at all. The sounds I compile are recorded by me, edited, then placed in the music programs and arranged into beats. The computer does the "playing". If I did the "playing" my arms would fall off.
Your musical influences
I was influenced by the Dark Ambient and Industrial music in video games like Doom, F.E.A.R., Quake 4, Silent Hill etc. But what I want to know is what does it remind you of? Certain video games, movies or places? How does it make you feel when you listen to it? Is it relaxing or stimulating? Do not let the genre scare you away from taking a listen to it.
What equipment do you use?
My portable recorder and my computer.
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