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Were SRH and ready to party. So keep in contact listen to the music and let us know what you think. IF you dont like it please dont send any fucken e-mail's lik
Rasta Mon
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Old School Beats
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Aries vs. MarQi T 2
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Let MarQi T Rap!!!
Eat A Bowl Of d**ks Billy-San!!!
This is SRH. We from Portage, Kalamazoo MI. We live life to the fullest and belive in little but happiness. Stoner's Reeking Havok was started after we smoked out and The start of it all Aries started rappen. Then Next Come's MarQi T (freestylist). The rest of the member's are KuZZin C (our producer/freestylist), and the newest member, Billy-San (freestylist) . SRH will be revealed later in our music. But for now just think of the name. We are just some common white boy's looken to rap. And found some soul in the art of Hip Hop. SRH FOREVER!!!!!!
Band/artist history
We have stayed low profile, but people have seen us at party's rappen in the corner starting a circle with other artist. We have Freestyle's that will shortly be put on the site as soon as Kuzzin C figures it out. Then will come song's by Aries, Kuzzin C and MarQi T. So wait and listen, Help us grow as a band. Thanks and peaceom
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We freestyle wherever we go, the streets, the house, the garage, the basement, we just keep goin till we decide to sleep. And Then Some
Your musical influences
So many influences, Where to start, Krhyme Child(good rapper but GAY), ICP, Bedlam, Esham, Twiztid, Natas, Tupac Shakur, Bone Thugs, Wu Tang Clan, Thesis, Ill Kontent, Copywrite, Atmosphere, South Paw, and a big shoutout to Hip Hop Cribs for the inspriational beats
What equipment do you use?
No techno here, But Aries use to play Piano, we think he's gay for it, Kuzzen C play's guitar and we think he's gay for it. but that's about it. MarQi T plays dem Hoes!!! peaceom
Anything else?
Were stoner's reeking havok, We are just looking to do the next think no one expect's of us. Now it's music. Damn we didn't even see that one comming. lol But fuck it were here now and about to start a party so listen and keep in contact. Write to AlexAaron@aol.com or KuZZinC84@msn.com or lilpoot83@yahoo.com with any question's. peaceom SRH FOREVER
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Speak To A Boss
Just us I BUY 1 GET 1 FREE I *SALE*
One More Time