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Grind Hard or Starve
Grind Hard or Starve
2 Tracks
Dow Jones, T Wills, and Whyteboi Da Don makeup Grind Hard or Starve. We're just 3 artist dedicated to the independent grind and making music. We're not trying t
Whatchu Bout (Prod By Reazy Renegade)
Soulja In The Streets (Prod By Reazy Renegade)
Dow Jones (Miami, FL), T Wills (East St. Louis), and Whyteboi Da Don (Drew, MS) set out to create their own blend of hip-hop, going for a sound that falls somewhere in between the grit and honesty of old school hip-hop as well as the appeal and focus of the contemporary scene. The three met each other while serving at Ft. Campbell, KY in the US Army. With a unique style, a motivated delivery and a winning image, the trio set out to leave a mark on the music scene with their debut mixtape, "No Seeds", which will be released on the popular hip-hop mixtape community Datpiff on June 23rd. At the time of the recording sessions for the mixtape, a third of the group (T Wills) is currently serving in Afghanistan, and had to record his verses on location! Using his iPhone he recorded and sent his vocals to be mixed back in the states. It is really incredible how talent and passion can truly overcome anything when it comes to making music, including distances and lack of proper recording facilities. In spite of the difficulty, the material on the mixtape turned out authentic and striking, with a truly international background coupled with a fresh and innovative vibe, influenced by artists by the likes of Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Lil Boosie, UGK, Dizzy Wright, Young Dro and more. Yet another proof that hip-hop is not about fancy studios: it's about the heart, the feel and the groove. As long as you got something in you to put on wax, the songs will be able to tell your story to the audience, captivating them, engaging them and turning them into avid fans and listeners for life! To find out more about Grind Hard or Starve (G.H.O.S.) visit https://www.facebook.com/ghosdamovement Follow on Twitter @Ghosordie https://soundcloud.com/grind-hard-or-starve Email: Ghosdamovement@gmail.com Subscribe to GHOSTV http://youtu.be/nXmVJb0v0I0
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea we do. We did a coast2coast live event in Miami with Crooked I, do a couple local spots on Clarksville, we be in and out of ATL too. We really getting established right now though.
Your musical influences
Too many to name, Boosie, Dizzy Wright, Young Dro, UGK, Yo Gotti, etc
What equipment do you use?
macbook, pro tools, mbox, Shure57 mic, closet, iphone5s
Anything else?
We need as many supoorters as possible, and we only want loyal true fans. As fan it's your job to critique us and also let us know if it's certain type of tracks you want to hear. Be a day one fan so you can watch the hype beast hop on like so many of them do and act like they been down from the get go. If you a grinder, hustler, or just anybody trying to succeed and excel in life then the GHOS movment is something you need to be apart of to be bring to the forefront.