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Music PrezTae was Born and raised in the streets of Detroit, Mi. Struggling to make it out the hood Prez Tae is honing his artistry and now is ready to make his impact on the rap game. Growing up in Detroit made PrezTae realize at a young age that there are no free handouts in life, so he is on a mission to make his own success based of the hardships in his past, obstacles of the present, and goals for the future. With the street edge of Young Jeezy and versitility with his lyrics and vocals like Drake makes PrezTae a superstar in waiting! I discovered my love for music at a very young age. By the age of four I new every song on the radio and would rap along every word. My uncle who was the executive producer for local hip hop group G-Side (Mr. Ran) noticed this was rare and started having me rap on the spot for people he knew. That drove me as a kid to start writing my own music. He told me to take my favorite song, follow my favorite artist pattern and just rewrite the lyrics to something I would like to say. I took that in at the age of 9 I was making music with my childhood friend Andre at Coleman A. Young Elementary. At that time our favorite group was The Hot Boys the group Lil Wayne grew up with. So I bought their albums and we would make our own song over everyone of their tracks. This was before the internet era where you can simply download an instrumental and make your own original music. Around 11 yrs old I started to write Tupac's lyrics down. Me and my older sister would listen and pause after every line then write down what he said made us learn the song and understand what he was saying she's four years older then me so she could break it down for me. Thats when I got hooked on the meaning behind the lyrics and understanding why a song was made and started listening to music from a more technical stand point at a very young age. So by my early teen years when the internet was available to me at all times I started to record myself. Off a cheap mic that came with the computer and the regular sound recorder program. Thats when I realized I had a special gift. Me and my bestfried since 6th grade Randy started a group called "Young'n Do'n It". I had to make every song perfect in one take because the program didnt have a pause button. Thats when I started learning how to freestyle on beat with no mess ups. Skipped school most of the time so that i could have the house to myself to go all out and perform and record in my moms basement. At the age of 17 i finally was comfortable enough with my craft to take it to a real studio. The engineer was amazed I didnt have to start over or be punched in to record. Everything was in one take. Rare at that age to be so sharp with my craft. I left the city on scholarship to play college basketball. Then after injuries I realized my true love was music and never looked back. I started making sobgs daily and was in the studio every week. I was so focused on becoming the best rapper i could possibly be so that when I felt I was ready everyone else would be shocked how good i was. I chose to learn more about the business side of the industry so I enrolled into Specs Howard School of Broadcasting Arts where i graduated from with an 3.0 gpa. After Specs I got an internship with local rap artist Al Nuke. Who really took me in and showed me how to make a living from being a rapper. I was the assistant producer and main camera man for his entertainment tv show "Nuke@Night". The expriences I had from working with him made me realuze my dreams where close and that I was more then ready talent wise. I met Mike Posner another Michigan Star before he blew up and knew he was a star from how he managed the crowd. I started performing at local bars and events at 19 yrs old and now at 22 yrs old Im ready to make my mark on the industry. Music influences: Jay Z, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Lil Wayne, The Hot Boys, Outkast, Nas and Blade Icewood. Acting Started acting at a young age. In middle was in a ton of plays.. "peter pan" "winter wonderland" "impro-vision" and then after a few years I got to be in a pilot called "I dream of Jenna" african American version of i dream of Jenni. Acted in many short commercials, skits, and tv shows for students at specs howard. On air talent for "Specs Files" & "Sport-with-Us"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, everywhere, for booking info email is allante.rdt@gmail.com
Your musical influences
For some strange reason my musical influences are my relationships with people in this world! Mostly all my lyrics come directly from a intrapersonal view on a interpersonal relationship. My music is my feelings/thoughts.. whereas in most artist the speak only about materials, or hyperbole, after lie, after exaggeration, after story tell, after lol(u get the picture)... So when you hear me, you get the real me.. not some fable rapper!
What equipment do you use?
My Brain... less just say most ppl dont really know how to use there's!
Anything else?
I am PrezTae and I approve this message!!! (always wanted to say that!) Detroit stand up i'm out!!