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LUSTKILLERS preach the Blank Generation Post Punk Rock n Roll Gospel according to: Jim Carroll, Wendy O Williams, Stiv Bators, Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, B
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Nothing Girl
Nothing Girl - Adam Becvare -Vox/Gtr Bass/Vox-Chuck Worthy Drums-Greg McEntee engineered/produced by Mark Bradin
The songs are moody, edgy, witty and sometimes even charmingly sassy. Where current rock acts rely on volume live, the LustKillers are more lured by improv.Adding yet to their mystery is why a band, unordinarily attractive by today's standards, has chosen to perform on only the darkest of dimly lit stages.Preaching the BlankGeneration/PostPunk Rock n Roll Gospel. LustKillers features Adam Becvare, Lead Vocalist/Guitarist for LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH 2003 Reformation.
Band/artist history
A contributing member of such notable acts as The Heartdrops (NYC), American Heartbreak (SF), and The Black Halos, Adam Becvare has lived and died across North America to tour the earth, all the while revisiting the self indulgence of his own band The LustKillers. As the frontman and guitarist for LK, Becvare revels in it's revolving cast of rogue friends and players stating, "If all we leave this place with is memories, I'm filling mine with the best I can find." The LustKillers songs stand as a testament to Becvare's influences and Rock 'n Roll life story. Becvare moved to Hollywood at age 18 only to lose it all by 21 in Chicago. "Everyone hears something different in The Lustkillers. Familiar but fresh, it’s really just Rock ’n Roll and that’s all the punks were trying to recreate in ’77. Everyone’s too fragile and suspicious now. The Lustkillers aren't afraid to be serious while letting go. It’s about being yourself, honouring your heroes and spreading that Blank Generation/Post Punk Gospel." -Giselle Harvard (Harvard Journal of Rock) The LustKillers songs are edgy, moody, witty and sometimes even charmingly sassy. ...Fast ‘n Deadly like The Damned, ...Cool ’n Creepy like The Cramps, ...Dark ‘n Lovely not unlike.... The Lords?? In 2003, a series of unreleased LK recordings The Black Sugar Sessions began circulating and Becvare was enlisted by founding members Brian James (The Damned) and Dave Tregunna (Sham69) to front their Lords of the New Church Reformation across Europe. The Homepage at www.LustKillers.com simply read, "Although, No One can ever replace Stiv Bators, for me this is a great honour to serve justice for a band I owe so much of my youth to." Lust n Daggers, Adam Becvare Now Thanx to Nicotine Records, 8 songs from The LustKillers Black Sugar Sessions are available to Europe for the first time. The LustKillers. Not afraid to get serious. Not afraid of fun. And not afraid of serious fun.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
LUSTKILLERS had been indigenous to SF. It began in August 2001 playing our first 2 shows (Fri. 8/24+ Tues. 8/28) at BOTTOM OF THE HILL within 4 days of each other and headlining our 3rd show at THE PARADISE on a Saturday 10 days later(Sat. 9/8). All of which were extremely well received. In January of 2002, THE LUSTKILLERS headlined the Re-Opening of notorious STINKY’s PEEP SHOW at THE JUSTICE LEAGUE as well as hosting the World Famous INCREDIBLY STRANGE WRESTLING that March. By Sat. JUNE 1, 2002 THE LUSTKILLERS headlined Boz Scagg’s SLIM’s. The LustKillers have currently solidified a international touring lineup as of '008. find more at www.myspace.com/lustkillers
Your musical influences
Damned, Dead Boys, Cramps, Lords of the New Church all showed us what rock n roll should do. the end result is a rock n' roll statement not unlike Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Jim Carroll, Joe Jackson and other dark rock storytellers of that era. The LUSTKILLERS are often compared to DEADBOYS, JOHNNY THUNDERS, THE JAM, etc
What equipment do you use?
Teles and Ricks baby
Anything else?
GREAT NY WASTE INTERVIEW AT http://www.newyorkwaste.com/nyw_main/music/Lustkillers.html get what ya need and join the breed at http://www.myspace.com/lustkillers
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The LustKillers are a band of Rogue SF musicans from former bands Swingin Utters, Flipsides, Three Years Down and feature 2003 LORDS of the NEW CHURCH frontman, Adam Becvare. Join them THURS. JULY 29 at SLIMS w/ Unauthorized Rolling Stones SAT. July 31 at LOST and FOUND SALOON w/ Stiletta and Silencers any questions or press should Please feel free to reply cheers http://www.lustkillers.com/
THE ROMANTICS are back with a new CD "61/49" and a new drummer. Brad Elvis of ElvisBros and BigHello joins the ROMANTICS on tour with the Legendary CHESTERFIELD KINGS and THE LUSTKILLERS. LUSTKILLERS features 2003 LORDS of the NEW CHURCH frontman, Adam Becvare. Catch ROMANTICS, CHESTERFIELD KINGS and LUSTKILLERS in CHICAGO. SUNDAY FEB. 22 at DOUBLE DOOR (1572 N. Milwaukee @ Damon) SEE http://www.LustKillers.com Doors at 7pm www.ticketmaster.com