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Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet
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Comedy synth-punk
Great Idea For A Song
Peak position #1
What Your Parents Think All Your Music Sounds Like
Peak position #6
The Ballad of Dr. Stopp
Peak position #14
Kim Kardashian
The Laundromat of Sin
Peak position #18
Worm Quartet is a Rochester, NY-based band that forcibly staples punk and electronica together and throws them into a blender with hysterically twisted lyrics. They have been featured repeatedly on the Dr. Demento show, and had the most requested song of 2004 with the ex-girlfriend rant "Great Idea For A Song," collaborated with Sudden Death on the most requested song of 2005 "Inner Voice," and had the 2nd most requested song of 2002 with the anti-drummer anthem "Franks Not In The Band Anymore." Yowza. The sole member of Worm Quartet is a 64 280-lb. bemulleted manic who insists on being called Shoebox" and who poses by day as a mild-mannered software engineer. Worm Quartet is currently playing all over the damned place whenever possible to support the new CD "Mental Notes." More information can be found at www.wormquartet.com.
Band/artist history
Check out the "history" section on www.wormquartet.com for the whole sad story...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
If there's a place that doesn't mind having a large weird guy with a mullet screaming obscenities about common household items over pre-recorded synth-punk, I'll friggin' play there. I tend to play at clubs with other less-silly bands (generally the punky mohawk-sporting and/or indie rock Elvis Costello glasses-wearing crowds tend to dig my stuff) and at sci-fi conventions with my peers in the comedy music world (the geek crowd, unsurprisingly, is rather open-minded when it comes to funny music.)
Your musical influences
Atom & His Package, The Meatmen, Weird Al Yankovic, M.O.D., Bloodhound Gang, The Ramones, Descendents/All, The Freeze, The Cars, Screeching Weasel, Faith No More, KMFDM, Bad Religion, They Might Be Giants, and Jim Steinman.
What equipment do you use?
A cheapass DOS-based tracking program, a few crappy keyboards, and the glorious CoolEdit Pro (a.k.a. Adobe Audition.)
Anything else?
Although the seldom-pruned rat scanner is nautically disabled, aren't we deflowering hydrants? Truly a bone in theyeast is worth ketchup in the hat when the tyrannical triangle of pain brandishes chili. So do we yogurt? Do we alphabetize our ape-chips, garnish aluminum Nazis, and yodel fervently our tales of lost tacos at the altar of fiberglass? I trapeze you, and yet I must fling sheep, for until the congressional poncho traverses the ottoman of digestion, mule-larvae will remain chairless, obscene, and jealous of your dishwasher. You seem to be of the faucet, and perhaps in the realm of the spackle-shakers, your screaming projector of uselessness would be unbleached. But when I hear the call of the bump, my ham is limber. The analog owl manufacturers try listlessly to smash cheese, and athough their yak-woks are omniscient, their copulating thermostats bleed not but turtles and yams. This is why, you fumigated marinated saturated spatulated kibbly little trout-player of itchiness, I caress this one scantily-trampled hamster vat: I farm where I romp, and I romp where I farm.
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