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Bryan Klooster
Bryan Klooster
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Bryan Klooster's Theos consists of songs that bring forth complex human feelings, wishes and duality's that occur towards a nearing end or dire predicament.
My name is Bryan Klooster, I'm a metal musician from holland. I'm known for being able to write and record full-lenght albums on my own. In the future this is what I will be doing constantly, releasing a new album every 6 months. as of now I'm working on Bryan Klooster's Theos (progressive solo project) wich i am now working on the fourth album. albums 2 and 3 i still have to release but this will come soon! very soon! and the band The Tempest of wich our singles will be steadily released starting from fall 2019, and a yet unnamed jazz/blues project wich i will propably release in late 2020. My previous band works and projects are: Void of empathy (co-op black metal project) (songs coming soon online) the slaughter (death/thrash band) (songs coming soon online)
Band/artist history
been writing and playing music for about 15 years now
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes with the bands: When All Life Ends and The Slaughter these were very good times with lots of different gigs and i had the chance to open for bands who are huge on my influence list!
Your musical influences
dan swanö (crimson 1+2), michael akerfeldt (everything), thrice, and lots of technical death metal (psycroptic, decrepit birth, fallujah) as wel as polyrythmic stuff like meshuggah, tesseract, periphery.
What equipment do you use?
too much to name, i use everything i get my hands on.
Anything else?
listen to my music
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