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molly ringworm
molly ringworm
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DJ Horny Mary Hotrod blends eclectic styles of soundscapes. Welcome to the Head Music Apocolypse.
DJ Horny Mary Hotrod doesn't give a fuck what you think anymore. It's time to destroy my own creation.
Band/artist history
I just started today.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, but I prefer to play live on TRL on MTV usually around 4 eastern time on Wednesdays. Now, if MTV decides not to let me play live at 4, I could back it up until 5. Now, if MTV decides not to let me do Wednesdays, I may have to move to an earlier time in the week or a different channel such as BET, and you can catch me at 7:30 p.m. on Friday nights. But, I prefer to keep it on TRL at 4:00 eastern time on Wednesdays. Just works out better for me that way.
Your musical influences
Ron Jeremy,Faith No More,squeaky doors,DJ Shadow,Dukes of Hazzard,Blackalicious,World Wrestling Entertainment,Fugazi,grown naked men,Vanilla Coke,Outkast,Rockford Files,Jane's Addiction,The Gong Show,Sonic Youth,my wiener,Tricky,Monty Python,can openers,Moby,Jack in the Box,Monster Magnet,A Clockwork Orange,Leonard Cohen,Alice Cooper's appearance on the Muppet Show,xanax,Cannibal Ox,Jesus Christ,The A-Team,lunchboxes,triangles,growing up in the sevenities,Hustler magazine,Prefuse 73,garbage routes,brand new t-shirt,Days of Our Lives,Cypress Hill,The Great Space Coaster,panning for gold,Rock City,the Civil War,1984,El-P,graduating from high school,Frank Zappa,bacon,Black Sabbath,oral sex,Martin Luther King,Public Enemy,Sanford and Son,New Wave Hookers,Cheerios,Bill Clinton,Neptunes,vodka and tonic,free porn downloads,The Cars,beutiful big breasted women,Beastie Boys,xxx,Blue Velvet,crying babies,Beastie Boys,IRS,dodgeball,Aqua Teen Hunger Force,prepositonal phrase,negative gains, and patty melts,...and candle light dinners with Barry White playing softly in the background.....and I like mom's spaghetti and meatballs
What equipment do you use?
Secret Weapons of Mass Destruction
Anything else?
The Head Music Apocolypse has emerged and will be here for the rest of your miserable lives, and this is only the begending. So blow up the cush and check out the shizzle for rizzle. Stop downloading the porn and listen to some music for once.
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