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We are mostly a studio-band, working as producers for other band, but in the last 2 years we decided to gather some of the songs we wrote for ourselves and we
Crazy for the radio.mp3
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Zero-Eq - Budapest
Band Members: Phenix - Everything Io - Everything else
Band/artist history
We begun in 2004, had a spot on a compilation with a remix of our "Toy Box" (It's still somewhere on the web) from the magnificent "Greatest Hits 2004/2005", the LP containing all of our best songs... actually we had no other song but it sounded pretty. We took a pause as a band, after the bad experience with our lyrics, and dedicated ourselves to productions, taking good fruits from great efforts (Some award, some MTV...) but then we came back to our roots. In 2008 the Portland Magazine "Coast2Coast" published our "Violence (proto v.)" on a compilation and after all of those years we are out with an LP... "Bugged Karma", an album about re-occupying the vital space that's between us and the life we have been thrown in.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, but we are setting up a show, something really strange, very visual.
Your musical influences
Basically we are an 80es synth pop with 30 years of experience, that's enough.
What equipment do you use?
From logic 9 with love... all that's been made on a digital platform has been tried. Add some mellotrons, moogs, guitars and shake it with a taste of different voices and you'll have our recipe.
Anything else?
Well... enjoy Zero-Eq and find out why even your karma is bugged!!!