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Driver - High-energy rock with heart. The latest new sound out of St. Louis.
Highway 61
Peak in sub-genre #39
Introducing Driver - a St. Louis band with limitless drive and potential, and a revolutionary style. Driver offers a sound like none other - cutting-edge modern rock with heart. The band is currently promoting their current single, 'Highway 61', along with other cuts from their forthcoming EP including 'Take Me' and 'She Loves Me'. The band is also taking the road for a multi-city promotional tour followed by a tour of the summer festival circuit. Driver is comprised of extremely talented veteran musicians from the St. Louis area.
Band/artist history
C.J. Smith, (vocalist/frontman), has been playing locally and regionally for the past 10 years in and around the Midwest. Some of his previous projects include Freudian Slip, Plum, SuperCrush, Thrillseeker, and Crush. Ed Drayton (guitars) has been residing in L.A. for the past 10years playing in various groups and playing lead guitar in the ESPN X-GAMES band. John Lupton, III (bass) has been playing on a national, regional and local level for the past 25 years with a brief stint with Pavlov's Dog. Mike Hopp(drums), has been playing with various groups locally and regionally for the past 15 years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is what keeps Driver going -- after several live shows in the St. Louis area, the band is getting ready to branch off into a multi-city promotional tour followed by the festival circuit of the summer.
Your musical influences
Driver is a high energy modern rock band with influences from Stone Temple Pilots to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Doors.