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Deep, dark, and droning atmospheric textures alchemically combined with experimental approaches, custom instrumentation,and manipulated field recordings to crea
Brood X
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The Breeding Chamber
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Hybernocturnomorphic State
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Antipriest - Xero - 08/09/07 NEW! track samples finally posted here at the Antipriest Soundclick page! The CD Xero available from TAO X Records contains 7 long atmospheric tracks of a dark creepy supernatural ornathalogical nature. Please enjoy a small taste of thier flavors. _______________________________________________ LOCATIONS VOLUME 2 International Compilation of Manipulated Field Recordings produced by Matt Davignon IS NOW AVAILABLE! This virtual experimental music trip takes you "around the world in under 80 minutes"...From Seoul South Korea to Santiago Chile...through New Zealand to Tibet and back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the full 7 minute version of Antipriest's "Frogs of the Alien Dreamtime Calling to Thier Mothership". CONTACT ANTIPRIEST for price & ordering info. __________________________________________________ Welcome to the corner of the Universe controlled by Antipriest. All manner of strange and sonic beasts await within. Dark atmospheric textures and noise drifting through ambient passages. Alchemy, Necromancy, Metaphysics and Shamanic vision fuse together with sound to create a Film Music as if written by ghosts for the moving pictures from the deep dark well of the soul. _________________________________________________ To check out more ecclectic music from TAO X Records, go to: www.taoxproductions.com
Band/artist history
Antipriest is the solo experimental project of the founder, singer,and keyboardist/programmer of the Industrial Metal Band, Morpheus Sister. "After a long stint performing as Morpheus Sister, opening for acts such as Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Helmet, Love and Rockets, etc., I finally grew weary of "band" life and the pigeonhole of genre. Since the beginning of the century I have been redirecting my focus to the studio...to start digging back into my more esoteric experimental roots". The culmination of this process has been the creation of the Ouijitar, and the electronic, filmic, and alchemical music of Antipriest.
Your musical influences
Film Music, Horror, Cult, and SciFi Films, Ambient and Atmospheric Music, Minimalism, Graeme Revell, SPK, Lustmord, Arcane Device, Brian Eno, Einsturzene Neubaten, Lab Report, Rythm & Noise, Pink Floyd, Skinny Puppy, Tear Garden
What equipment do you use?
Ouijitar(custom developed string instrument), various electronics and processors, field recordings, sculptural musical instrument installations, PC, MOTU recording system.
Anything else?
Notes on the Ouijitar(Created by Antipriest 2001): The Ouijitar is not so much an invention, as a discovery, an evocation. Born of an old lap steel guitar,and later developed into a prototype, the Ouijitar was a method for calling out the spirit and tones embodied within the instrument. Separating further and further from the physical, to subtler and subtler levels of manipulation. Electronics, Vibration, Gravity, Magnetism, and finally Telekinetic Force and the Psychic Manifestation of Spirit in Musik. The Ouijitar has only just begun to reveal its secrets, to sing its song.
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