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Jack Sin
Jack Sin
32 Tracks
It's that darker side of Hip Hop. Alot of times I'm referred to as sounding like I.C.P. or Esham, and while yes I am a Juggalo, I don't make music to sound like
Jack Sin 'Tha Creeper'
What's Up?! My Name is Jack Sin. I come from a little town Jackson, MI. We are often referred to as Prison City, MI. I produce and record most of my own music with my homie Shado. Basically the music say's it all!
Band/artist history
The closest thing to real name I've worked with so far, Not saying the people I work with don't have a name but, Tech N9ne's bodyguard Joe Vertigo did a track with us on a mixtape we did. But Besides that I've worked with Smokehouse Junkiez, Str8jaket, Shado, Black Hoodi Records. I've done shows with Ikkurruz and Murder House Records in Detroit, Balck Hoodi Records in Lansing, and the Junkiez right here in Jackson. I've even done House parties here in town, and those are the shit, with many artist you wouldn't even think of in our local scene. I'm all about music man I love it!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! I've done lots of show with some cats from Lansing by the name of Black Hoodi Records. My favorite place to preform is a spot called The Hayloft! It's in Mt. Clemens, MI, the crowd is always wild as fuck! As for special moments. My very first live show ever I preformed in a Fight cage at some Underground Venue in Lansing, MI. The place went nuts, craziest shit ever! Cats were moshing, climbing up on the cage, it was fucking awesome I'll never forget it!
Your musical influences
Just about everything! I listen to so much music. If it sounds good to me I get down with it. I'm influenced by a Artist that puts his soul into his music!
What equipment do you use?
Top Secret Area 51 Shit!!!
Anything else?
Much love to everyone bumping my music! Without you I am incomplete!
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