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LuniCydal (Tr3-0-3rd)
LuniCydal (Tr3-0-3rd)
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Tr3-0-3rd is comprised of LuniCydal (myself), Sickness, and Evol1. LuniCydal hails from Denver, CO while Sickness and Evol1 represent Commerce City, CO. They co
'Get High' LIVE!
LuniCydal (born Brandon Long; February 25th, 1986) is a hip hop artist from Denver, Colorado. Since adolescence, he has had the ability to create and duplicate various forms of art, including poetry and lyric, resulting in the maturity and fluency of his music today. LuniCydal employs various forms of style including "chopper" style flow sound, melodic rhythm, and sophisticated lyrical vocabulary combined with a socially aware and intelligent mind. His experience spans 17 years (since age 8) beginning with poetry, progressively evolving into the lyrical and metaphorical content of his now lyrical talent. LuniCydal has performed at various local venues, participating in multiple events along side such talents as Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Chicago's Do or Die and Johnny P, Psycopathic Records recording artist AnyBody Killa (ABK), Dalima & D Loc (from Tech N9ne's "Midwest Choppers", "Worldwide Choppers", & "Welcome 2 My World") Luck Kennedy of J.F.K, and local entertainment entities including "Top Flight Empire (Hypnotic, King Tef, Johnny Rockets), Hoody Bombs and Home of the Sick (H.O.T.S). Recently, LuniCydal has collaborated with Commerce City natives Sickness and Evol 1 creating the collaborative trio "Tr3-0-3rd Gang". "Energetic, powerful, and engaging", LuniCydal has gained a fan base locally and also earned the respect of fellow local artists in part to his stage presence and performance capabilities. As a recording artist, he is a self described perfectionist and is strictly business when in the recording studio. Admirable of the success, originality, and freedom of the Independent music scene, LuniCydal prefers independent music labels in comparison to the corporate mainstream entities. Both talent and business oriented, LuniCydal will be a valuable asset to any record label ready and willing to utilize his talent and skill set resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. www.soundclick.com/lunicydaltr303rd www.reverbnation.com/lunicydalthaprodigy www.myspace.com/lunicydalthaprodigy www.youtube.com/lunicydalthaprodigy www.soundcloud.com/lunicydalthaprodigy
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Quite frequently. I have been performing seriously for going on 4 years now. I have shared the stage with national headliners such as Krayzie Bone (in Cheyenne, WY) ABK (Any Body Killa from Psychopathic Records), Do or Die & Johnny P, and Dalima and D Loc from Tech N9ne's "MidWest/WorldWide Choppers" and "Welcome 2 My World". Locally, I have performed along side such local talent as T.O.P Flight Entertainment (Hypnautic, King Tef) and H.O.T.S (Home of the Sick) and at various venues including Cervantes', The Roxy, Toad's Tavern, The Wash, and Sharp's Roadhouse.
Your musical influences
My musical influences...? My life. The struggles I've gone through, the tribulations I've experienced, the pain (and love) that I have felt. An influence to me is a person, or situation, that has the ability to reveal one's true self and in doing so allowing that individual to test his, or her, limits. I am influenced by the culture and history of hip hop music (especially in the Midwest) as well as by those that are closest to me and believe in what I am striving to accomplish.
What equipment do you use?
My brain, a beat, a pen, and a piece of paper...
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