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So KareLess
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Born on November 22, 1994, Josiah Karras, born Kianti Marshon Payne, was destined for greatness straight from the womb. Josiah Karras was born in Buffalo, NY, relocating to Culpeper, VA in 2001, shortly after the murder of his father. At the age of 4, Josiah was always on his mother's porch, banging on slippers, plates, and cookware, acting as of he were playing a real drum set. At the age of 11, after the death of his aunt, Josiah started to play piano just as his aunt did. He also was very skilled in drums, and piano was a new skill God had given him. He became a "computer whiz" by age 12, and at the age of 14, he widened himself to singing, songwriting, and music production. In 2009, Josiah made up his mind to become a Hip-Hop/Rap/Rock Gospel Artist, and independently he was creating music, although he never wrote lyrics to his songs. He created 3 instrumental albums, Not Of This World, A New Sound, Welcome To My World, all of which were Gospel. In 2010 , Josiah Karras finally became known locally, being that he became the lead singer and producer for Murder Capital, a Hip-Hop/Rap group in Virginia, and he also became the producer for 2 other groups, located in Ruckersville, VA and Culpeper. Finally, in 2010, Josiah Karras told the world of his soon-to-be released debut album, "I Am Karras", which is a light to the people. Its purpose is to tell everyone that there is more than money, clothes, sex, and drugs. The release date has not yet been decided. After being psychologically stimulated by recent teen loss and drunk driving awareness, Karras suddenly realized that something had to be done. On April 20, 2011, after the loss of yet another VA teen, Karras founded TAT'D (Teens Against Teen Death). Teens Against Teen Death, or TAT'D, is an organization who strives to reduce the number of teen and young adult deaths in Virginia. "Music is sort of the problem with this world. It has our attention, but it's not giving us what we need to hear", says Karras.
Your musical influences
Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Keri Hilson, Rihanna, Trey Songz, Jeremih, and Justin Bieber
What equipment do you use?
A laptop and headphones.