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The Embalmed
The Embalmed
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Embalmed Is Dead Ed Brown-Vox, Aaron Pless- Guitars, Jason Bouton- Guitars, Drum and Bass Program, Production
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The Dark Season
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Coming up through the 80s, these guys can truly say it was a rough and tough, but truly a great time for METAL! In the most crucial years for Thrash/Metal music, Embalmed was formed. Through the grueling high school weekdays. Through the countless weekends of young alcoholic abuses including high energy, girl-chasing and maybe making it to the room at the ol Absolute-Ultimate Storage Facility by the next scheduled Jam. .. Embalmed had been to the most original, Iconic and Epic concerts of all time. Witnessing bands thatd peel off your eye skin and blow your ears clean off your maggot infested skull. From the Aud to small freckin holes in the ground, places such as The Metal Shop and The SkyRoom How about RIVER ROCK CAFÉ or Blind Melons. These local spots had the heaviest crowds EVER! .. These MF's have witnessed the best of the best and were there when metal was conceived. They had the opportunities most kids did not. Being able to actually jam at the storage pretty much gives you eternal right of passage in the ol buffalo Rock/Hardcore/Thrash/Death/Metal community that used to exist. Being lucky enough to rent a room down the hall from the almighty Cannibal Corpse, in their infancy was truly a gift. Jamming in close quarters with Mayhemesis and others too cool for most ears to consume or bloody mouths to speaketh. .. Embalmed took the long road starting out with wet behind the ears Aaron Pless and Louie Schwartzott jamming in Aarons garage in late 1986 early 1987 then finally moving to a room at absolute storage. Aaron left in early 88 to pursue other endeavors. Then around 1988 with a group of friends in Riverside, Juan Ramallo on bass, Louie "flatliner" Schwartzott on drums and Eric Hamilton on guitar. Eric left the band and Aaron "Ace" Pless on guitar joined the pack. Quickly picking up another young upstart on guitar, Jason Bouton from Beyond Death. Needing a singer, Juan goes to his Alma Mater to ask Dead Ed Brown (whom hadnt acquired the nickname yet) to give his adolescent vocals a test. It was working for awhile till the band dropped and gained members only to disband completely by the sunrise of the 90s. .. Now together for one last Hoo-Rah! Embalmed, with the cast of Arin, Jason and Ed will re-write the old and bring in some new tunes to accomplish what was supposed to be (at least their minds at 16) the Baddest Thrash-Core Shit Outta B-Lo! Keep Ya Posted! .. The New Disc will contain 7 Original songs written and performed 1988-1990. Including never heard before "Prisoner Of Silence". A song that was getting finishing touches on when disbanding in 1990. The disc will also include 5 more Original songs. Written in the spirit of the bands original sound style. Includes Powerful Brand new track called "Rebirth". That's the Goodies Kids..Eat Em Up Soon!!! ..
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