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Zone Out ProduktionZ
Zone Out ProduktionZ
51 Tracks
Zone Out Produktionz- All the quality, half the price!
Zone is one of the hottest unsigned artist from Pittsburgh, PA! He does it all! Raps (phenominally!), sings, makes beats, engineers and produces!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. I perform at any club available! I love it! It's nothing better than performing and having control of a whole crowd of people who's attention and ears are all on you! It's nothing better than that! There was one time I took my shirt off on stage n dis chick ran up n took the shirt n asked me to sign it n kept it lol...it was pretty crazy
Your musical influences
I cant even say 1 specific artist! Moreso a genre. Old School Rap is my hugest influence. When hip-hop was hip-hop! It was about skill, finesse, your ability to connect with the people who r listening to you! I'll bring it back though once whatever lucky major label signs me :-)
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 10, Logic
Anything else?
The game has became too laxed! You niggas who call yaselves "rappers" or "producers" today aint worth anything because you dont give anything! Rappers in particular. Why do you think you're only around for 1 hit!!! or 1 album!!! And if you last longer than that, people get tired of you sayin the same b.s. over and over and they wont buy your stuff. You niggas need to wake up n smell the coffee!!! To call yourself a rapper, u need to actually know how to rap!!!! Bumbs...
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