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Fate Wheel
Fate Wheel is an Instrumental Heavy Metal Band from Argentina. The Band was Formed in March 2010. All our Music Will be available for Free Download, we don't
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Just How Far
New song...X-mas 2013 gift!!!!!!
Into The Nothing
A song taken from our second album "Shattered Memories" released in 2011...Be ready for a new song coming this February 2013!
A brand new song after some months! It was recorded like 3 months ago but we're releasing it now, for free download, as always!
Power Rangers Theme Song
Our over of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Theme Song!
Rise Of The Fallen
A song taken from our second album "Shattered Memories" released in 2011
Arising From Ashes
Fate Wheel is an Instrumental Heavy Metal Band from Argentina. Our Music is available for Free Download! MEMBERS: Federico Martin - Guitars Sebastian Durne - Guitars Daniel Townsend - Bass Tomas Batchelord - Drums RELEASES: Full-Lenght: 2010 - Neworld Tomorrow 2011 - Shattered Memories 2014 - Upcoming New Album EPs: 2010 - From Beyond Darkness 2011 - Ophidian 2013 - Stygian Download the "Shattered Memories" album: http://www.mediafire.com/?2cki1d1ap2sup01 Download the "Stygian" EP: https://www.mediafire.com/?x44pk1dbe540hkw * New download links for older releases coming soon!
Band/artist history
The Band Was Formed in March 2010 by Sebastian Durne (me) & Federico Martin. We're school friends, and we like Metal, and we are Guitar Players. One Day we said "Why we don't make a band?" and we called Daniel Townsend & Tomas Batchelord, two guys from another School that we found one day in a Metal Show. In August we Released our Single "Dark Eternal" and some days later we Released "Neworld Tomorrow", our debut album available For free download. In October we released a New EP called "From Beyond Darkness" wich features 2 new Tracks. Our second album, "Shattered Memories" was released in March, after releasing "Arising From Ashes" as a single, this album features 15 tracks and it's available as a free download. From March until December, the band didn't work on any song or album, but in December we started recording some new songs for a new EP but was not released until the next December (2013). The latest release is the "Stygian" EP which features 4 unreleased songs. The band is now working on their third studio album to be released sometime in 2014. TIMELINE: 2010 March: The band is founded by two school-friends: Sebastian Durne and Federico Martín. Then two other guys, Daniel Townsend and Tomas Batchelord joined. July: The band starts recording for their debut album "Neworld Tomorrow". August: FW's first release, "Dark Eternal" their first single. Some days later, their first album ("Neworld Tomorrow") is released for free via their website. September: Recording again. October: New EP is released, "From Beyond Darkness" features two new tracks plus some bonus (covers). To be continued!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment we're not Playing Live Shows.
Your musical influences
Our Musical Influences are Heavy, Progressive, Power, Thrash and even Extreme Metal Bands, like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Megadeth, Symphony X, In Flames and Much More.
What equipment do you use?
Jackson & Epiphone guitars, Earnie Ball strings, Dunlop picks, ENGL heads, ENGL stacks, KW Iron Cables, Fender bass guitars, TAMA drums, Sabian cymbals, Remo skins, Vic Firth sticks, etc.
Anything else?
Almost 4 years in the Metal World!
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