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JU ROCK (The Next Big Thing In Hip Hop)
JU ROCK (The Next Big Thing In Hip Hop)
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Da Underdawg Of The Underground! The Next Big Thing In Hip Hop!
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Ju Rock - 'Intervention' -- Jordan Tower Films
In a city where stars are rarely born. A starving artist knocks and waits patiently at destiny's door. Julian "Ju Rock"? Weeks is one of the most known independent artists in the world, but without the gimmicks and the million dollar contracts, the road to success has undoubtedly been one, most could not imagine. but who is Ju Rock anyway? Is he just some duplication of T.I? Lil Wayne? or some other hip hop star that he looks up to. Well thousands of Hip Hop heads from Atlanta all the way to New York, doesn't seem to think so. Ju Rock's style can be compared to many of the big names of today. But what makes this self proclaimed "Underdawg Of The Underground"? different from the rest has yet to be seen, unless you are of course one of thousands to bear witness to his impeccable flow, flawless delivery, and industry level hooks. Ju Rock is a visionary, his ear for music & his charismatic mic presence has made him the voice of a new generation. One look at Ju Rock's track record will convince even the toughest critic that the indie bred artist is indeed the next big thing in Hip Hop. Although Ju Rock's roots start out in Buffalo, NY, his name was made in the streets of Toledo, OH (also known as the Glass City). With the birth of myspace & other popular social networks rose a new outlet for the newcomer, which resulted in an impressive number of page views, and downloads not to mention a fan base that Ju Rock does not take for granted. Many of today's artists give thank to the fans, but Ju Rock not only thanks them, he hears them. He has taken fan appreciation to the next level by literally being of phone call or text message away. Hit him up and leave him a msg through his SayNow number (567-202-1657), follow him on his twitter account (twitter.com/jurock) which he checks and updates at least 10 times a day or watch him live in the studio on his ustream page. "I believe in putting the real me out here and letting everybody feel me for me not for who they think i am". The internet phenomenon that is Ju Rock, all started in the streets and thats where he says he plans to keep it. His current project (The Storm Mixtape) (hosted by: Dj Logikal and the Ohio Street Djs) is generating a buzz that might very well be that buzz that puts Juliano in the spot he has be fighting for , for the last decade.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment I'm preparing in the studio for live shows coming up next year.
Your musical influences
Well when it comes to my influences on the hip-hop side... Nas, 2 Pac, B.I.G, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lox and a few more. When it comes to R&B... Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, Tyrese and a few more...
Anything else?
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