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Iron Cowgirl
Iron Cowgirl
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Please visit our Official Web Site http://www.ironcowgirlmissy.com
Believing in love, turned my heart to steel. An Iron Cowgirl I became, riding my horse with two wheels. I rode for hours, days at a time, trying to find me, one mile at a time.. 15,000 miles to be exact, taking me 10 weeks, and yes that's a fact.. I rode around the coast of Michigan, but it wasn't far enough away. So I went down to Florida, but still couldn't find my way. The Smokies were beautiful and I met the Dragon in Deals Gap. I still couldn't find a piece of mind, so decided to keep going and not look back. With a tent, a sleeping bag and a guitar strapped to the side of my bike, I headed West on Rt. 90, into the night. Riding away from the one that I loved, trying to find some help from above. I ended up in South Dakota where the people are so free, the Presidents of the past and Crazy Horse was a sight to see! I would camp along the way and play at night. My heart and my mind were a continuous fight. I'd ride and ride, till the sun would set, I met so many kind people who I'll never forget! When I came home, I wrote a few songs, and from that point on, I havn't looked back, or stopped writing... www.buffalochip.com The songs, and the memories (lessons) I wouldn't trade, they've all been defined, by this music I've made.
Band/artist history
A 15,000 mile journey, led Iron Cowgirl to âœThe Legendary Buffalo Chipâ쳌, in Sturgis, S.D. and saved her from a path of destruction. A "Heart of Steel" is a heavy load when your soul is broken. Leaving everyone she loved, she said good-bye and did not look back. An Iron Cowgirl she became. Please visit www.TheIronCowgirl.com to read her story. After returning to Michigan, the songs she wrote, and the music she made (all solo acoustic), became stronger, and people could relate to the Real"Life Experience", because some have "Been there/Done thatâ쳌. Now, Iron Cowgirl, a 2009 band from Jackson, MI. playing originals and cover songs, which are ideal for biker events. Yes, there's no doubt, Iron Cowgirl is a biker :). Please contact us to book a show. A "Sweet Rock" style music, shows The Iron Cowgirl's roots, and the dedicated band members compliment the âœRaw Emotionâ쳌 mix. Based on real life experiences, Iron Cowgirl is "Making Music to Life". The entire band has something to offer, they not only play Iron Cowgirl music, they feel it, some have lived it, and we all believe in it. This makes the road to our goals so enjoyable, and we are very thankful to everyone who has helped along the way. Your good deeds will NOT go unnoticed www.ironcowgirlmissy.com/sponsors . Thank you for the opportunity to share Iron Cowgirl music with the world!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We play live at any and all Biker Events Or Anywhere we can promote our music. Iron Cowgirl has played taverns, benefits, fund raisers, Rodeos, Open Mic Nights, Live Interview/Performance in Hot Springs, VA. at WCHG 107.1FM , Campgrounds, FarmFest09 , Toby Keith's 'I Love This Bar', and other places as a solo artist. The people who believe, and a GREAT Band, has given Iron Cowgirl the courage to pursue her dreams, hence, the next CD, "Chasing My Dreams".
Anything else?
Don't Forget to check out our other websites!! www.IronCowgirlMissy.com www.TheIronCowgirl.com www.Facebook.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.reverbnation.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.TheIronCowgirl.com/whoisshe www.IronCowgirlMissy.com/bandbio www.digitalrodeo.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.twitter.com/ironcowgirlmiss www.ustream.tv/ironcowgirlmissy www.MySpace.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.youtube.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.bebo.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.jango.com/ironcowgirlmissy www.bikerornot.com/IronCowgirlMissy http://socialfish.ca/profile/IronCowgirlMissy Read more: http://www.myspace.com/ironcowgirlmissy#ixzz0ywuELQLL