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Lucid Dream (UK)
Lucid Dream (UK)
7 Tracks
Experimental rock duo, writing and recording their self-penned songs, & a few carefully chosen covers. Band comprises of Graham Rennie (vocals, backing vocals,
01 Got The T-Shirt
Peak in sub-genre #68
10 Trading Thoughts
11 The Promise
12 Icelandic Dream
01 A Call To Arms
Hi, we are Lucid Dream: a songwriting and recording duo, from Corby, Northamptonshire, England. Our influences are many, but instantly springing to mind are: Queen, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Boston and Rush, with dashes of nu-metal thrown in for good measure. You can keep up-to-date with all our latest happenings by visiting our website, www.lucid-dream.co.uk Cheers, Darren Greaves & Graham Rennie
Band/artist history
Lucid Dream consists of two friends, Darren Greaves and Graham Rennie, schoolfriends since age 12. Sharing musical tastes, they decided to write some songs together, just for fun. Early performances of these songs included stints as such prestigious venues as Outside Darren's House, Sitting on Darren's Garden Wall etc, you get the idea. Anyhow, Graham moved away for a while, so they lost touch for a good few years, until one day, Graham moved back, and got back in touch with Darren. Finding out that they both still had an interest in music, they decided to meet up again, and just see what happened. Darren had put together a mini studio at home, and had been demoing songs (minus vocals, no-one needs to hear him sing!) for some time, and Graham had continued to write lyrics, sometimes with music, sometimes just poetry. The two skills still worked together, so they decided to put songs that had previously only been in their heads, down onto (virtual) tape. The fruits of those first (alcohol laced) sessions was "What The Deuce..?" The name coming from American animated TV show "Family Guy." (What The Deuce?" is a favourite saying by Stewie Griffin, the show's baby character.) The album was a roaring success, selling almost 1 copy. On that first CD, you can hear the nervousness and to an extent, the naivete. The production could be better, but for a first effort recorded in what effectively amounts to a spare room in Darren's house, it aint too bad. Bouyed by the success of their debut, they released their second project, "Tell Roger He's Annoying." The name again taken from a favourite show of their's: "American Dad", made by the same makers of Family Guy. This CD showed a lot more maturity. Production and song arrangements are better too. Stylistically, it ranges from the heavy rock opener "A Call to Arms" to mellower songs like "Same Old Sky," showing their more sentimental side, and the 15 minute epic, "Irrelevant Nightmares," a multi-segmented take on bad dreams, with sections covering guilt, falling, failure and regret. With the release of their third CD, entitled Trading Thoughts, the guys are exploring even more new grouund. The title track was inspired by a trip by Darren, to the site of the World Trade Centre in New York, and seeing a poem of the same name in a church adjacent to the site. The album contains some Lucid Dream staples of catchy choruses and layered guitars, but introduces some unexpected twists, such as the opener, Got The T-Shirt. Now, their latest album, Surface Tension, which some people are already calling their forth album so far is more of a polished affair than the previous 3 put together. But well let you hear that for yourself. Just head on over to the DOWNLOADS page of our site, www.lucid-dream.co.uk , where you can get it for FREE!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't play live, as we are only a duo, and our songs tend to have complex arrangements, which would require a LOT of musicians on stage! :-) However, if the right deal came along, I could put a band together.
Your musical influences
Personally, I got turned onto music by early Queen albums. the first time I heard Queen II was the first time I thought: "I have to learn to play the guitar." I also love modern progressive music such as Porcupine Tree, and modern-day Marillion, but I've taken inspiration from bands as well, such as KISS, Muse, Rush and Pink Floyd. I dont think "progressive" is a word that's sneered at as much as it was say, 10 years ago. I think of us as progressive in the sense that every song we write, or album we make, is a progression from the last one. Graham tends to veer towards the REALLY heavy stuff like Nine Inch nails, that kind of thing. Real "kill your ears" stuff. He's an angry young man, ha!
What equipment do you use?
Guitar wise, I use an American Fender Strat Plus , and a self-built strat type guitar as my main workhorses. I also use a Les Paul or Brian May red special guitar if I want that real, screaming solo sound. I use a cheapo bass guitar, and Ovation 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars. Amp wise, I use a VOX AC30, or a Marshall 2 x 12 combo. For vocals, we use a mix of different mics, but mostly use Shure or MXL models.
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