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electric guitar mosaics
electric guitar mosaics
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Electric Guitar interpretations and colorations Electric guitar Mosaics
Prelude for Violin (electric guitar)
Peak in sub-genre #53
Elegy For Marianne
Peak in sub-genre #74
In every other century in history, music and composers have followed society's technological advances. When the piano was invented, it was used and composed for. When the valve horn was developed, it was used and composed for. When percussion was developed, it was used and composed for. In the late 20th century however, "classical music" stopped developing along with these technologies. As electronics were invented, they were mostly ignored by classical composers/musicians while the rest of the musical world embraced them. As recording techniques were developed, they were mostly ignored by classical composers/musicians while the rest of the musical world embraced them. Most importantly for me, when the electric guitar was developed it was almost ENTIRELY ignored by classical composers and performers while the rest of the musical world embraced it. There are so many composers who I know grow up listening to pop music or jazz and then at some point they are brainwashed into thinking they have to write for traditional instruments the way their heroes did. There are a few who dare to write for non- "classical" instruments - even though these instruments represent the world today just as the piano represented the world of Beethoven. Think about it for a second- How many compositions do you know which are written for rock or pop group? Electric Keyboards? Turntables? Electric Guitars? Very very few and yet - isn't musical history going to show that these were the important instrumental developments of the late 20th century?
Band/artist history
Kevin R. Gallagher Kevin R. Gallagher is recognized as one of America's leading young guitarists. He has won first prize in 1993 Guitar Foundation of America, the 1994 ASTA, and the 1993 Artists International Competitions. He also has the distinct honor of being the only American guitarist ever to win first prize in the 31st Annual Francisco Tárrega Guitar Competition in 1997. Kevin studied with Sharon Isbin at the Juilliard School and with Benjamin Verdery at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He has performed and given masterclasses in various countries including Spain, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, England, Costa Rica and the United States. He has been the Director of Classical Guitar Studies at Lawrence University in Wisconsin since 1995. Essays regarding his philosophies of music and classical guitar performance can be found at his website- www.guitar69.com. Mr. Gallagher's most recent recording Guitar Recital- Music from the Renaissance and Baroque was called "one of the very best NAXOS guitar recordings" by Classical Guitar Magazine in May, 2000.
Your musical influences
electric guitar, compositions, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, et al.
What equipment do you use?
Roland VG -88 and Les Paul Standard