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The Guilty Parties
The Guilty Parties
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The Guilty Parties are a 10-piece Ska/Rock band from Riverside, Ca.
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Nu-Nu (Working Title)
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St. Pietro
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Man Vs Self
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Payback (The Sex Song)
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The Hailing from Riverside, CA, The Guilty Parties, founded by current members Josh Franklin, James Baylor, and John Martinez, in the Fall of 2002, started their career of playing shows January of 2003. From Martin Luther King Jr Holiday parades, to parties, to small clubs and coffee shops to renowned venues such as The Whiskey Au Go Go, the Showcase Theatre, The Knitting Factory, Chain Reaction, the Allen Theatre, BB King's Blues Club in LA, their hard work brought them from a garage band gradually up to headlining and selling out large show events at world renowned venues such as BB King's Blues Club in LA. Bands they have shared the stage with include Voodoo Glowskulls, the Skeletones, The Suicide Machines, Bullets To Broadway, the Debonaires, Fishbone, the Aggrolites, Chris Murray, La Banda Skalavera, I voted for Kodos, the Independents, the Forces of Evil, Lost City Angels, Starpool, and Change Up (from Japan). The Guilty Parties play a very wide range of musical styles and have many musical influences. From smooth reggae, to Punk Rock, to third wave and traditional ska, to funk, to indie rock, jazz, hip hop, etc, the Guilty Parties taste good for every occasion. The instrumentation is very unique and includes a large 5-piece horn section, 2 guitars, a drummer, bassist, and two singers. With the experience of putting on well over a few hundred shows shows, the Guilty Parties know how to get a crowd going, which earned them an ever-growing, faithful following. The future looks bright for this young, talented band, and they hope to continue in their hard work and dedication to their love of music and enetertainment.
Band/artist history
The Guilty Parties are a Ska band from Riverside, Ca. Founded by current members James Baylor, Josh Franklin and John Martinez, they played their first real Ska show in a KFC parking Lot Feb 14th 2003 and since then they have grown substantially. With lineup changes occurring in the first half of the year the guilty parties seemed to have a revolving door of members, but in Augst 2003, after original Bassist, Peitro Martinez left for UC Berkley and Trumpet palyed Tyler Ward left, 3 members were added including bassist Anthony Rondina, Tromboner (go ahead, laugh) Adam Elmore, and additional Guitarist and former Dolores mastermind Matt Holbach. Since that August shakeup the guilty parties have remeained the same 9 guys minus recently departed Adam (college): Josh, James, John, Jeff, Bobby, Matt, Brent, David and Anthony. I filled this out over 2 Years ago... so here's an **UPDATE** Since you last heard from us we added a couple of different trombone players and kicked them out. As for long-term members Matt Levesque joined the band on trumpet in Feb 2005. Also in Feb Bobby and the band parted ways and he was replaced by current Drummer Nick Barnes. Most recently Matt Holbach could no longer fufill his commitment to the band and he was replaced by Jon Gutierrez in April 2006.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live as often as possible and sometimes we will play two shows in one day. We love playing anywhere and everywhere. The guilty Parties have played everything from backyard parties and kfc parking lots to roller rinks and Ice rinks to packed clubs. But I would have to say our favorite place to play overall is the Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca.
Your musical influences
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Catch 22, Sublime, CodeName: Rocky, Voodoo Glowskulls, Rx Bandits, Pepper, Dr Dre, Rage Against the Machine among others.
What equipment do you use?
We all use our own equipment which is a lot to list... so I wont.
Anything else?
I would like to say on behalf of the band that you should check us out.. We've got a unique sounds and a pretty sweet live show, so if we're in your area, stop by!
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